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 Sad and broken hearted

I am a new to this website and excited to be part of it. I just wanted to share with you my heart. I was a member of the great church of Roberts Liardon, I went to the bible school and even went overseas for a year of my life. I attened the church for 9 years! At that time no one really knew what was going on behind the life of our once loved pastor. He was a great preacher, teacher, it was awesome to be there on Sundays and every day for bible school. We had great teachers, and the people there really loved God. It was when I came back from the mission field that I noticed something different at my home church. I noticed a change in my pastors face, the way he talked and walked. I really didnt say or ask anyone, I just kept it to myself. Being part of leadership in the church I along with other leaders were called into a meeting, where pastor Roberts was to address us. When he first said that he had commetted a moral sin, I thought..who in the world did he sleep with, thinking it was a female member of the church or even a student. But when he said that it was a homosexual sin, my heart dropped like a ton. It was the most horrible feeling ever. All around me there were others that started crying, saying we forgive you pastor we love you....but not me....I was so upset..I just could not understand how he could have done this. I thought to myself Pastors know better!! I know that they are only human, but they know better. As he said that he was stepping down, and was seeking help, I thought okay, this is a really big church and we have plenty of people who can continue preaching and teaching while our pastor gets DELIVERED AND HEALED! But making a long story short, that didnt happend. Lots of people left, with hurt that was unquenchable. The men in our bible school and church who had trouble in this area, turned and followed and begain living a new lifestyle of homosexuality. One of my best of friends, who I know had issues in this area, left the church and begain living what he said to be free at last. It was so sad, it just broke my heart. I dont believe that you are born this way, I believe that something aweful happens, rape, abuse, forced into it. The worst is that we all know the truth of our actions, my friend turned his heart and soul to live a life that could lead him to hell. And that hurts my heart so much. All because the pastor that we followed and loved so much played with his life and flesh and showed no repentance with his actions. Now hundreds are doing the same. It is so sad...I just cant get over it. My freinds, please pray for me and those that we have lost and hope with all of our hearts that they come back and repent before time runs out.
God Bless you....

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 Re: Sad and broken hearted

Dear Brother, and Welcome to Sermon Index.

I want you to know that I am one of those homosexuals that are being healed and restored by God.

I wish I could say it in the past tense, but it is an on going thing that our LORD has been doing in my life for several years.

I have heard this tragic story about your Pastor. And please understand what I am about to say next and don't be offended.

I am glad that Roberts Lairdon fell into this. Please understand what I am saying. This is God's way of shaking things up in a church to expose who has been sneaking around in the dark, those who's hearts are not with God, but with thier sin.

When Jimmy Swaggart "fell" into his sin, he was sneaking around behind closed doors, God wanted to deal with him on this issue but when you keep refusing that 'check' in your spirit and continue on in the lust of the flesh, God sends an earthquake to wake you up, because He is not dealing with one man, but many that follow a ministry.

Roberts Lairdon has been sneaking around behind peoples back, until he could no longer keep this thing a secret, he was exposed, he was found out. God no doubt wanted to deal with this thing, but he refused. And as a result of this upsetting and painful ordeal as you said, hundreds are now following after their own sin.........and hopefully for all it will only be a season.

Lift up the hands that hang down my brother, and begin to thank the LORD for His soveriegn work in this church, He will now strengthen that which remains, He will not cast off forever. He will turn and have mercy on you and those who have stood for righteousness in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.

God Bless my Brother


 2005/4/10 18:03

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 Re: Sad and brokenhearted

Thank you for your respone, I too am glad that this has happened, even though it has been very hard to walk. I really miss my church and my friends that have walked away.
My heart is just really heavy for my friend. I have known him for a very long time and it was very sad for me to see him turn to his sin. I pray that it is only for a season and I pray that GOD does something fast to help him. Thank you again for your words, no offense taken. God Bless

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 Re: Heavy heart

Yes I understand your sorrow. I've been there, I know what it like to have your world torn in pieces and to lose those around you that you have come to know and love and you can't reach out to them to share in that fellowship that was so much abounding at one time.

I feel as tho Roberts Liardon has been battling this thing along time, he has no doubt gone for deliverance sessions like I did. When you keep looking for deliverance and nothing happens you just give up trying. I gave up on the deliverance sessions too because nothing was happening. But I still wanted God to change me. So I went to prayer and I fasted for an extended period of time and the LORD ministered to me, but did not mention anything about this struggle.

Now we are living in a time where these Pentecostal gay tolerant ministries are cropping up everywhere, and now these men who hid in a closet are coming out having support from fellow ministers.

I just read that Roberts has resumed his post after stepping down for a month. He is not commenting on his affair. He lost his congregation of 700 and now ministers to about 100.

Very messy indeed.


 2005/4/10 19:07

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Welcome to SermonIndex Bro.

I couldn’t even read it through without my eyes being wet! Brother stand still please don’t let the flood around you shake you off your faith in your Lord! It’s a real test of faith here-who follows who is being exposed-stand on the Rock- don’t let what’s happened round you jolt you from Jesus as for you follow your Lord! God is shaking your church and shaking down those moneychangers!

I will pray for you and your fellow-people my face down before the Lord!

Your Sis.


Mekdes Tsige

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 Re: Sad and broken hearted

Like what Mek felt, I can't help to shed a tear and I am broken hearted as well about what I have read yet stand firm Brother... what happened is God's way of exposing in the light what is needed... to sharpen as up and to prepare us into our walk in Him... what happened to you happened to me as well and from that I tend to walked away when I was new in the faith but God let me realized that He has purpose and plans why things happened this way... and with that reason He let me renew what I have lost in His presence... Brother, I'll be praying for you and that do not be swayed on what is happening but lift it up to the Lord just like what I did before and let God be God into you church... He has plans why all of these happened...

To God be the glory!

Star Cabrera

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