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Just-In cut the pretence. We both understand fully that your post is patronising and insolent. I could take you to a dozen of your own posts in which every word you have said above is both contradicted and proven false. The church may well variously arrive at a state of consensus on what amounts to truth, but that consensus is mostly heresy. Unless you have your head buried in a hole somewhere you may have also missed that believers are devouring one another in many places and it is covered by a thin layer of hypocrisy.

The church is apostate in all but a total denial of Christ Himself in many places. I know that you realise what you have said and so I won't trouble you with a full and complete answer. Mockery is both offensive and unnecessary. You have consistently contradicted your own seeming clarity Just-In and have at times been on the border of rebellion. My advise is don't give me advise if that amounts to a mockery. For your information my name is Andrew. If you have a mind to use my surname then have the courtesy to use it in a manner which shows some respect. The undertone of your posts is clear. Most other things are not, nor will the end be until it comes.

One last thing Just-In. There is no such thing as truth which is arrived at by discussion. Opinions are arrived at by discussions. Even then it takes one man to finalise what has been said. If in the course of so many opinions a devil begins to speak, what will you do Just-In? It happens everywhere and it has always happened. The apostles drove the devil out Just-In by holding fast to the word of Christ taught to them. Then they wrote it down and we have it in our hands. There is no such thing as opinion, even though men endlessly exercise their opinions because they endlessly exercise their power to hold opinions. Opinion is worthless and always leads to a consensus of fools. The best deception in the last thirty years that I have seen has been this very point. It is the value and importance of opinion. As far as I can tell even the cults have embraced it. In the end those who are abused, defrauded and wasted have simply consented to the process by foolishly agreeing with their own opinion.

In any case Just-In I have no need for the opinions of men including yours. So on that basis I will leave you to the last word.

 2014/4/5 1:12



What about the Bereans searching the Word of God to see if what Paul was telling them was true? Do you not think they were "discussing" these things amongst themselves?

It does not take a man to finalize what has already been finalized by the Holy Spirit. It takes searching together to find the truth of a matter (God's opinion) as the Bereans did.

Psalm 119:165 KJV Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them!

 2014/4/5 10:18

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