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 Question: Lost Tribes of Israel

Has anyone done any research on the lost tribes of Israel? Steven Collins has published several books in regard to this topic. He has also been interviewed several times on different media platforms. I came across one of his past interviews with Rick Wiles on and found it very interesting. This is Collins' website: Does anyone have any thoughts on this topic and the possible accuracy of Steven's research? Thank you --

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 Re: Question: Lost Tribes of Israel

Can you give a quick summary of this topic? Which tribes are allegedly lost, and does the Bible say anything about it?


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Well actually scripture says a great deal about it. The Assyrians took the northern kingdom (Israel) which were the majority of the Hebrew population minus the tribes of Benjamin and Judah into exile. Most of those peoples did not return.

According to scholars like Mr. Collins and archaeologists like E. Raymond Capt the Scythians, Goths and others descended from these tribes in the northern kingdom. It would seem ironic and an odd coincidence in that God's promises to Abraham which were that he would be the father of many nations. Then later Jacob prophesied over Joseph's sons Ephraim and Mannassah (sp) that Ephraim would become the father of a "company" of nations and his brother would also become a mighty nation. So where might these nations be?

Further, I find it amazing that the ancient nation of Carthage spoke a language so similar to Hebrew that the citizens of Carthage could speak directly with the Jews of Jerusalem without needing translators.

Judah was the southern kingdom and was taken into captivity by Babylon. They were also scattered yet many returned when the seventy years were over spoken of by Daniel the beloved prophet. And of course the temple was then rebuilt and remained until the prophecy of our Lord Jesus was fulfilled wherein the temple was destroyed once again by the Romans in around the year 70 A.D.

It appears to me to be supported by history that the term "Jew" was first applied to the southern kingdom of Judah who were of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi. It was these people who maintained their identity as they were dispersed throughout the world. And when they returned and formed the modern nation of Israel Harry Truman remarked in a manner alluding that they were actually descendants from the southern kingdom instead of the northern kingdom.

Anyway, this is a topic which interests me somewhat because it may help explain things which have happened among the nations of the world in recent history and may shed glimmers of light upon future events. I was hoping that someone else might have also looked at this and might be able to offer opinions as to this topic!

Here is a link to one of the radio broadcasts where Mr. Collins was interviewed by Mr. Rick Wiles of Trunews:

Thank you and may God bless us all!

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although I cannot recall the author, I have a book entitled, The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, Found. The book is a proponent of British Israel-ism which seeks to establish Hebrew origins for many of the modern day Anglo-Saxon peoples including much of modern day British and even many American people. Although I don't believe this, the book still contains some interesting research. It is just that most of the major connections are made using the study of languages, which seems a bit sketchy to me.

What is true is that representative parts of all twelve tribes were scattered all over Europe, Asia, and eventually the world. If my stats are right, more Jews live in New York city than live in Israel. But we are seeing these people returning to Israel in great numbers from the midst of Africa, India, Europe, the USA, etc.. Study where the Apostles wound up after being dispersed from Israel. Out is Interesting.


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