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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Evolution verse God documentary by Ray Comfort

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 Evolution verse God documentary by Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort in this documentary confronts professors and college students and asks them about evolution and specifically the evolution of one species transitioning into another species. He goes to them and asks them for observable evidence for it and their responses are very suprising because none seem to have an answer. Then he masterfully brings them to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had heard some negative comments about this video with people saying he edited out certain things to twist what people were saying, but if you watch this, he gives time to answer and they don't have anything. Of course some of it was edited for time restraints, but it looks like it doesn't take away from their responses. My hope is that you enjoy this way I did, it increased my faith and I believe Ray Comfort is very precious to the christian faith in the generation and very bold. He also has a new film about Noah coming March 28th just so everyones knows.

John Beechy

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 Re: Evolution verse God documentary by Ray Comfort

Hi Bible4life,
Excellent,He is great at what he does.I agree with all your comments,Excellent

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