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 Principles to Live By or His Life to Live By?

There are many teachers and "gurus" that promise parents that by following their workbooks full of “principles” and educating their children solely based on wisdom from Proverbs,” they could GUARANTEE that their children would turn out well.

Sounds good doesn't it? We all want a guarantee for ourselves (OSAS), how much more for our children? In the town I live in, there are many families that send their kids off to camps and seminars to be taught principles of Christian living and wisdom to live by. After many years, these young kids are now grown up and getting married...and too many...getting divorced.

I find it very interesting that Proverbs was written as a father’s education to his son. The father was King Solomon. The son was Rehoboam.

I Kings 12 describes how Rehoboam rejected wisdom in favor of imitating (and increasing) his father’s heavy-handed tyranny. As a result, he lost 10 of the 12 tribes and divided the kingdom. Amazing how a person can write Proverbs and yet, be heavy-handed.

“Principles” were much less powerful in Rehoboam’s life than what he saw lived before him, while neither was an absolute influence on his own free will to choose. And if God-breathed principles couldn't guarantee a good outcome for him, why do we think giving our kids all the right principles will have any better promise for them?"

How are we living before our children? But before you answer that question, how are we living before the Lord? Are WE living by His life so that it is evident to those around us, or is it evident that we are struggling to live by these principles and then expecting those same principles and techniques to bring victory to those closest to us?

And if they are not being fed principles they are being immersed in religious activities because we think that they will be safe socially, surrounded by church activities. The older generation is very good at passing down principles and activities, but something is lacking, don't you think? Their lives are not being transformed. But, what about the lives of the parents?

Maybe we lure children with activities of wholesome fun and games in a church setting because we think it safe and can be considered a call to godliness. Or maybe, we are confused in our own lives as to what a call to godliness is.

 2014/3/17 21:41

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