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Discussion Forum : General Topics : UNWISE MARRIAGE OF CHILD

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Thank you so much, SMILY and Onemite....thank you for your testimonies......I could use prayer - rough weekend - I am having a very hard time....

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You know I have thought a lot about your situation,knowing full well the pain that accompanies it. One of the hardest things is to see your child become an adult and they seem to refuse the teachings you have taught them. The time does come when a child will make their own decisions, and at times react strongly to yours - doing the opposite of what they know to do. This is extremely painful to mom and dad.

Now they are an adult and they are accountable to God. One of the hardest things for a parent to do is to relinquish this child to the LORD Jesus for Him to do his work in him/her and then back off. I have had to pray a lot that I would not interfere in the LORD working in the life of my child. My preaching/teaching (!) days are over. :-/ :-)

Years have gone by and I have prayed the LORD would give me some sign that he is working and he has - in a way I never imagined. This fuels my hope more that I can safely trust my child into his care. In the meantime, we learn something about patience - but we wanted it all yesterday, don't we?!

You say the fellow is a professing just may be that it will be this marriage the LORD will use to bring them to himself. Marriage will make or break a person. God can/will use it put ones maturing process on a fast track. It speeds up when children come on the scene.

If they do marry, I suggest you accept him as your son. We have done this to our son's wives and it has been a blessing. I earnestly believe God put them into our family for a reason, one is to show them what family can be like - that not all families are dysfunctional. I love all our daughters-in-law - all different from me but have value in God's eyes and they all want to do the right thing. But we still pray earnestly for them - more so then when they were little - there are more people involved now then before.

God bless.



Sandra Miller

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