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 Live in the Still Life

OH, all Friends, in the unchangable Life and Power and Seed of God live, and be out of the Low, Earthly, Changable Spirit of the World, which is given up to Changing and Tossing, and Tempest and Waves, by which Durt is cast up. Oh! therefore the Life and Power of God and his Seed live in, which never changeth, by which everyone may stand in the Power of God and in his Life and Wisdom, through which ye may all live. And stand stedfast in the Unchangable Life and Seed of God, which was before all Changings and Alterings were: and which will remain, when all that is gone.

So God Almighty, in that preserve you, in which ye may have the Blessing among you, and God's Wisdom to order you (both Men and Women) to his Glory; that so in his Fear ye may be preserved to the Glory of God, in his Wisdom and Life, in that which doth not change, in which ye may feel the Unchangable Fellowship.

And Friends, Be Wise and Low, and take heed of Abusing the Power of God; but live in it, in the still Life, patient, to the Answering the Good in all, to the Refreshing one of another, and not to the Stumbling. But mind that which keepeth in Unity, in the Life, tho' never so little.

(G. Fox)

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