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I personally commended Ken Ham on a public twitter post.

@aigkenham @AiG Thank you for representing Christians well in the debate. The Lord used you. May many read the Bible for themselves.

I personally believe he was very Christ-like in all his responses and was very graceful how he brought the subject of mortality, death and the purpose of life. I believe God used him in doing this to encourage many around America to consider reading the Bible for themselves. I felt the Lord leading me to pray for him 3 distinct times 2 days before the event. May God sow these seeds into good hearts and see many come to the Lord.

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I missed the live debate, is there any recordings of it available on the web ?

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by appolus on 2014/2/5 19:06:31

I like Bill Pro's point about what elements came together to create the big bang, and where did they come from. The simple truth, and I think most folks, even in the world, can get their head around that something cannot spring from nothing. Unless of course you are on the creation side of the equation:)

I have never had any kind of answer, never mind a satisfactory answer from athiests or secular people to this simple and fundamental point..........bro Frank

It has always struck me that deeply personal beings could not come from impersonal matter. Rather, they come from a deeply personal God.

And this is the heart of the matter: GOD. Men will not recognize God, because it would dethrone them and their little kingdoms they have set up. The "kingdom" could just be their own life.

 2014/2/5 23:43

 Fact Check: Did Bill Nye Tell A Huge Lie About The Fossil Layers?

Defeating Darwin in four easy steps

Bottom line: the easiest verse in the Bible to believe is the very first one of all: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."

 2014/2/11 21:47

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