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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Discussion of the Pretrib Rapture and Other End Time Topics

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My brother,

I quite understand your reluctance to read Lacunza.
It is far better to wait on the Lord for His wonderful revelations of grace to us worthless sinners.



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San Diego


Any religious doctrine whose primary appeal is to The Flesh, is immediately suspect.

Truth emanates from the Cross, pleasure emanates from the flesh.

Tom Cameron

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 Re: well said sidewalk

Have been watching some very brilliant and truly scriptural sermons on end times by mike bickle and david pawson
they speak as jesus speaks
jesus told us so clearly that he will be coming after the signs in heaven appear and after the tribulation
but of that literal day or hour after those signs no one knows
jesus said to his followers that when they see all of these things happen
look up for your redemption is drawing near
another brilliant teaching taught as well which agrees with jesus is that he will raise his followers at the last day and no sooner
another brilliant teaching is that there is only one true tree anf of that tree some of the branches were broken off so that us gentiles from a wild olive tree could be grafted in
we are wild and only grafted in but now we are of the commonwealth of israel
only the believing jews were the true church and true tree and true israel we gentiles were grafted into the church
an example is britian was the true britian but australia was grafted in and became part of the british commonwealth
they shared the common wealth and sovereignty as well as laws
times have changed today and they want to be a republic
More good teaching can be found on my
have a look and enjoy

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