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I want to say,Thank you Arthur and Jeremy for bringing us this reading
material on this man.I would like to read all of his writings,but will need to wait until my net service roll-over.

The title that Arthur has chosen,"Living as Jesus Lived-Listening to His
Voice", Doesn't it really says Truth of it ?

And just-in, Thank you.You said "Any Christian that has entered into union with Christ,is a "Mystic"did not know what Mystic meant,Thank you for that PROFOUND definition...."A religious sect who profess to have direct intercourse with the Spirit of God. "

Isn't that So True ?, get to " know" Him.(And to "Know Him", John says,is Eternal Life.) An inter-working of His Spirit, with Him,..Him with us.

Heb.4:11, says, " Let us labor,therefore,to enter into His rest," this man is saying,..isn't there peace,rest in the presence of God ?
Hebrew.1,previously said,"the Holy Spirit saith,Today if you will hear My Voice",....Today,and Today and Today,and on and on and on,...continually
Having our ear turned to The Lord.He is wanting the relationship,and to
lead us by His Spirit,and for us not to harden our hearts,and do things
'our way' .

If we be followers of Jesus Christ,...and He was a follower of His Father,
God,..wouldn't we too, be called to this Way.
* His Father,God,was His first and foremost love.
* His life was not a luke-warm way.

I count myself as nothing,but can identify with this man,some many yrs. ago. May I share sometimes?
I believe,this is what He has called us to.He said,the way is hard,He also said,it is a narrow gate. (Entrance)

Lovingly ,

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Amen, Elizabeth.

To listen to His voice we must be in union with Him which means we must be joined to His spirit (born-again). Then we abide in Him. These are not strange concepts to the (dare I say) mystic. :-)

Mystic is the world's word for those who commune directly with God. And what an incredible and wonderful thing that is. When people taste of that it becomes an obsession and so it should. So, it is not strange to me that people desire to always be in His presence, wanting their every thought to be on Him and glorifying Him. It does not mean they cannot attend to practical things in life, but I think this is what people believe.

This is the "deeper life", the "higher life" of the Spirit. As you quoted, Elizabeth, "this is the Rest of God". The "Rest of God" is a Person who we commune with.

 2014/1/17 10:24

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Why is mystic not used in Christian circles very often?


 2014/1/17 10:40Profile

 Re: Politically Incorrect Words (Yes, even in Christendom)

Its been denigrated like the word "gay" and is not politically correct in some Christian circles. How many people use the word gay, anymore? In Christian circles, it is the same thing. There are words that have been demeaned for various reasons. Probably, those who looked down upon that word are the same people that looked down upon those who believed you could have close communion with God. So, they associated the word "mystic" with reciting mantras, or going into trances (spiritism), etc., or some such nonsense.

In general, communing with a spiritual being (outside your dimension) is "mystical", and those bad connotations have been associated with it so it is anathema in some Christian circles.

Emergent Christianity, Contemplative prayer, New Age Movement use that word so you can see why it has bad connotations.

But, then you have people like Sundar Singh who was referred to as a mystic and people have no problem with that because of the unreproachable and holy life he led and the miracles that were wrought through him, not to mention his incredible courage for the Lord and his holy walk. Likewise, Prem Pradhan (Apostle of Nepal), Madame Guyon, and others who have been regarded as mystics. Some people like Madame Guyon while others have a problem with her. But Christians pick and choose, not unlike other people. Sundar, Prem and Guyon all suffered greatly, exhibited great courage and communed closely with God. If people like the person such as Sundar, they can handle the word mystic associated with them, if they have a problem with the person then they will jab at them because they are associated with being a "mystic". Oooohhhhhh!

Their eyes get real big and they say, "you're into mysticism". So, let's see what the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary says about that word. (Sorry, I don't trust modern dictionaries).

MYS'TICISM, noun Obscurity of doctrine.

1. The doctrine of the Mystics, who profess a pure, sublime and perfect devotion, wholly disinterested, and maintain that they hold immediate intercourse with the divine Spirit.

Well, there you go.

Do we as Christians maintain and hold immediate intercourse with the divine Spirit? I dare say we do believe that, (although maybe not so much anymore).

There are some who call themselves Christian, who read the Bible and yet walk completely by their own understanding never knowing or experiencing communing with God. Maybe they are the ones that don't like the word "mystic". I don't know. It's a strange thing when words become politically incorrect.

 2014/1/17 14:47

 Re: Deadn

Why is mystic not used in Christian circles very often?

do you know what I believe? If one were a REAL "mystic", which to me means "to be caught in High Places with God", they would tell no flesh.

That's why I grieve when I hear people proclaim, "the mantle of the prophet has been conferred upon me"....OR...."I have a prophetic gifting".

NO PROPHET ever would utter those words.

I say just be real, authentic and who God MADE you to be.

i'm not lecturing you, I tell myself that all the time, because it pleases the Father....witness what Jesus said to Nathanel the first time He met him in John.

 2014/1/17 18:31

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Thanks for bringing up the name Sundar Singh, there is much we can learn from him and his writings in what it means to live the life of rest in God. Sundar Singh wrote eight books:

At the Master's Feet
With and Without Christ
The Real Life
The Real Pearl
Reality and Religion
The Search after Reality
Meditations on Various Aspects of the Spiritual Life
Visions of the Spiritual World

Arthur Rosh

 2014/1/18 8:02Profile

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 Re: Living as Jesus Lived - Listening to God's Voice

I found the summary document promoting this methodology and sociological mumbojumbo is more prevalent. I believe Frank Laubach found a reality he had not known but in communicating it, his background tainted his message. As the Bible as the Word is spirit and not flesh and our spirits are ministered to if we study in faith that will reveal Himself to those who diligently seek Him, likewise, I believe that the Spirit, who divides soul and spirit, will provide the food we need to grow in communion. The letter killeth but the Spirit…

 2014/1/18 9:34Profile


Amen, Jeremy.

Too often, people are marginalized (their message is marginalized) because of other biases. We should try to understand what is being promoted in the message and discern the quality of truth that is in their message.

 2014/1/18 12:00

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