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 The roar of silence

A report was posted that there were more believers martyred for their faith in 2013 than in 2012. And there were no responses to that thread.

Must be the deafening silence I am hearing. I would expect the President to be silent on the issue of Christian persecution. But the body of Christ?

But then the ducks and chickens do get more attention then those who lay down their lives in blood for Jesus Christ.

Posted by Blaine Scogin

 2014/1/13 11:20

Joined: 2011/11/11
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San Diego

 Re: The roar of silence

I was in a church many years ago that ended up with angry attitudes and gossip because some of the people felt strongly about their vision of a mission, and others didn't climb on the bandwagon. Nothing wrong with the mission, nothing wrong with their enthusiasm for it- but rather than pursuing God's call in it, they turned their focus on the "less spiritual" members and ended up losing not only those friendships but the mission as well.

When God stirs your heart in one direction, don't be deceived into thinking God is moving all hearts in that direction. He is a very big God, and he divides the work. Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers, but it never says to organize criticism of the laborers who go.

I expect that there are multitudes of people who share your burden, minister before the Lord in it, but are completely unknown to one another.

Blaine I may not have expressed this previously, but I love what you do, what you post, and what God has laid in your heart. For what is worth, I can't stop praying about the North Korean fiasco. God save that man, or take him out!

Ultimately God's people are with you as they are with the Holy Spirit and responding to whatever part of the Father's will is their part.

Tom Cameron

 2014/1/13 11:52Profile

Joined: 2008/10/27
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 Re: Tbe roar of silence

Blaine some of your posts of late have sounded rather judging towards others. something to consider is that the Lord does not want us to put condemnation on to one another. its good to share these things with others but you might want to consider your posts, that they don't go beyond sharing into the realm of casting judgement. I am not trying to rebuke you at all just sharing how some of your posts have come across on this topic in case you were not aware.

 2014/1/13 13:05Profile

Joined: 2004/7/7
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 Re: The roar of silence

Blaine, we pray regularly for the persecuted. As of late my prayer has been changing, due to my concept of the sovereignty of God.

It has become more real to me that the people imprisoned for their faith was no accident nor did it take God by surprise. And neither is he shocked by it. These folks are experiencing this distress because God wants to use them to teach somebody something. Blaine, when this truth sunk into my being it helped me to pray totally differently for these oppressed brethren and sisters. I ask the LORD to help them to not feel the physical pain that is being inflicted upon them and to help them be faithful to the task He has called them to.

We like to see our prayers answered in dramatic ways, but this knowledge will likely not be forthcoming on this side of glory, so we persist.

Last night we heard a talk of how God is working is an oppressive country. I was so blessed. God is working in ways we deem very unusual but most have no idea about its existence. So, we need to pray that God will strengthen those who are willing to lay their lives on the line and we do this as the Spirit leads.

I appreciate your diligence in keeping people aware of the need to continue praying for the oppressed.


Sandra Miller

 2014/1/13 15:04Profile

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