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 Wanted, info on Keith Daniel

I am looking for more info on Keith Daniel, does anyone have his speaking schedule?

 2005/4/2 17:04

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 Re: Wanted, info on Keith Daniel

I am looking for more info on Keith Daniel, does anyone have his speaking schedule? has some outdated information with his older newsletters.

Here is a link to his personal testimony audio file:
[b]Personal Testimony[/b] by Keith Daniel
[i]Description:[/i] This testimony is very intimate and powerful. Keith Daniel makes himself bare showing how the Lord brought him from darkness to light. This has to be one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard and it brought me to tears. He also gives some strong calls to Christians to follow and desire to read the bible and pray to God more. This message will strengthen and encourage you in your walk with Christ.

If you search the "other speakers" section in the forums you will be able to dig up some bio info I believe.

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 Re: Keith Daniel

I have observed as I've listened to Keith Daniel messages that his wife puts out a newsletter for him. I wonder if anyone here has their address so we could post the newsletter here or sign up for it for those who would like to receive it. One message, in particular has an intro at the front by a guy named "Brother Denny". I bet they could tell us the address to sign up for the newsletter. Love, Dian.

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 Keith Daniel and Denny Kenaston

Hi Dian,

That would be Denny Kenaston

There are some tremendous resources here and it was in response to an email a long while back in our attempts to get more information on Keith Daniel, that a brother either affiliated or familiar with these fine folks sent us a whole bunch of his messages. They have a tape ministry that is run purely on donations, they will send out tapes for free if I remember correctly.

We have some of his messages here [url=]Denny Kenaston[/url] and did notice that there are many more on the above mentioned site as well.

Certainly self promotion is not one of the strengths of this dear brother and not surprising considering the strength of character of the man. Likely the best avenue may be in writing to either of the two email address's listed on the site Greg listed: [url=][/url]

Mike Balog

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 Keith Daniel: Two Messages

If there was a pleading to be made right now it would be to listen to these two messages, both seem timely to so much going on here and maybe within our own lives. If anything the first might be of shared sentiment to many that frequent this place in many statements that Keith mentions and the second very well be that which ails us, it is true to an extent that ... [i]not as I ought[/i], it confirms what the Lord has been speaking to my heart and maybe even others. If only one of the two, the second, please listen to it if you can...

[url=] The Vanity of Life[/url]

[url=]The Word of God[/url]

[b]Description[/b]: How important is it to read the Word of God? How often should we read it? Should it have a priority in our lives? In this sermon, you will discover not only just how important it is to read God's Word, but that we should also be hungering and thirsting after our devotional, one-on-one time with the Lord. "Sin will keep me from the Bible, but the Bible will keep me from sin."

[url=] Keith Daniel[/url]

Mike Balog

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