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Brother Yun who said that we need to preach the Grace as gospel to bring people to Christ. Once they are connected to Christ they will receive the truth from them. We should not turn those away by preaching the truth.

It’s difficult discussing a point raised by a person when that person is absent. We cannot discover what Brother Yun had in mind by the word “truth”. Was he thinking of a collection of propositional data? Is he saying that a person needs to know Christ before they can absorb spiritual realities? As noted, it is the Spirit who brings true conviction, not merely our fine-sounding logic.

It’s also worth noting that we’ve been shaped, culturally, to view truths in terms of propositional bits of information. So we risk seeing Brother Yun’s thoughts through our Western paradigms. Also, raised in a scientific age, we have a tendency to atomize everything – including biblical teachings. So we instinctively view grace and truth as two separate commodities – with separate functions. This can create arguments based on faulty premises in the first place.

… start telling them the truth about God saying that Idol worship is an abomination to him ...

I agree that this isn't an effective starting point. Also: I think of Jesus’s teachings about the log and the speck. It’s not merely about the sinner's idols, but also about the “truth”-sayers own self-view. Our sense of right-ness can be an idol in itself. We might warn the sinner about his idol, yet have no idea about our own idols.

Lots to consider in this topic……



 2014/1/13 7:40Profile


Small correction first:
Grace and Truth came THROUGH Jesus Christ not "to Jesus Christ".

Next correction: When one thinks about this statement long enough, they will realize that you cannot separate Grace and Truth. They work together as God's character, extended to fallen man (Jesus Christ).

Grace and Truth are not separate so you cannot offer them separately. One does not come before the other.

Grace and Truth was God Himself in the flesh, offering Himself to men. Grace and Truth is the Person of Jesus Christ. We offer all of Jesus to men, not part of Him. How can you separate Jesus Christ and why would you want to?

Grace and Truth is a Person not a theological concept.

 2014/1/13 10:53

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