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Ravenhill once lamented something along the lines of this (paraphrase):


More and more, Protestants are becoming known as simply "non-catholic." Why accept the name Protestant, what is it that you are protesting?

On TV I've noticed much said about the Pope while he is on his death bed. I've seen much said by priests. I've seen much said by Jews and people of other faiths. I've seen much said by protestants too. Though I'm sure that there are many wonderful qualities John Paul II posesses and I think it is great people praise those qualities, I am fearful that his soon coming death is manifesting many "blurred lines" that exists in our theologies.

I am still a Pro-testant.

Jimmy H

 2005/4/1 21:28Profile

 Re: Protestants

*NOTE* (I deleted content that might not be suitable for those who are young in the faith, and for those who do not understand what I was trying to project.)

Thank you


 2005/4/2 0:14

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 early purtains

The early puritans believe the false prophet would rise out of the vatican. Many today believe that the next Pope could display signs and wonders and miracles and be the false prophet spoken of in Dan/Rev coming with lieing signs and wonders. The world is really to bow its knees to such a spiritual leader who's doctrine takes in all faiths as viable for eternal life. I think his death will bring in a true war against christianity that's Christ centered in dogmatic doctrine and orthodoxy.


 2005/4/2 0:53Profile


We have become so soft that many churches respect the pontiff. But they have lost sight that the Popes once killed those who opposed her authority. The Popes were no different then the Caesers, they considered themselves to be god,

The Popes ONCE killed those who opposed her authority. Pope John Paul has reformed the Catholic Church immensely.

Of course Billy Graham is out to lunch with that statement, and if you notice that Graham has NOT the favour of God when Christ said, "beware when all men speak well of you"., "For they that live godly in this life will suffer persecution".

I would be VERY careful with statments like that. Better to stay silent then to set yourself against one of God's servants.

I am growing increasingly concerned with the nature of the discussion on this site. Why is it that CRTICISM and JUDGMENTALISM are the theme around here? We go from Benny Hinn to the pope to Billy Graham.

Does anyone see the danger in all this?

Jesus' prayer: "My prayere for all of them is that they will be one, just as you and I are one, Father - that just as you are in me and I am in you, so they will be in us, and the world will believe you sent me."

WHY would we want to be MORE divided?

This site is about revival but I believe that revival will come when Christ's followers unite in love for the sake of His glory - NOT when we unite to criticise and attack one another.

There was a question asked on another much time do you spend on sermonindex? As for me: less and less. I thank God for introducing me to this site. The sermons here have revitalized my prayer life...but I am increasingly disturbed by the kind of discussion that i find here.

Who am I to say all this? No-one. Just someone who loves the Lord and longs to see Him glorified by His church (Divisiveness is NOT glorifying). And I do not think that can happen while His followers are known for their endless debate and criticism of one another.

I am not for tolerance and compromise in the name of unity. BUT there is no need for the attacks on persons.

Why is there not more discussion about that which edifies? Why not more discussion on the fruit of the spirit? Why not more discussion on prayer (EM Bounds wrote 7 volumes on prayer - surely there something worth discussing there)?

Can we please just pray for these people instead of talking about them? Can we honestly say that we pray for these people as much as we criticize them? Those who are concerned about the salvation of the pope - I sure hope you didn't wait til now to start praying for him...please PLEASE lets show our concern for the church on our knees instead of with our lips.

I am sorry for saying this but I am grieved...oh i wish we could be known for our LOVE and prayer rather than our divisiveness.

Brothers and sisters I love you...and I will continue to pray for sermonindex.

Your brother Stephen

 2005/4/2 15:11


Saint Steven

Thank you for your deep and sincere feelings.

If Greg Gordon were to delete the forums altogther, there would be no communication whatsoever this would just be a normal run of the mill website that we would come to, download sermons, leave a kind message in the guest book and leave.

There wouldn't be any interaction, many are blessed when they come here, and you have stated that you are blessed as well.

Unity will never come by us just agreeing with one another. The only way unity comes is:

"Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ"

I would encourage all to read this perfect man, actually it's a vision by Tommy Hicks who started the great revival in Argentina. Here is the link


 2005/4/2 16:19

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