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I have been thinking about this and just wanted to add that while I agree to what has been said to some degree, a well written story or acted out play, movie, can also capture our minds and point us toward Jesus. I have experienced this on more then one occasion. watching the scene in the first LOTR movie where Sam refuses to leave Frodo because he knows he can not make the journey alone was so gripping. As I watched it play out I thought about the bonds of friendship, and how Jesus wants us to care for one another, how he wants us to even be willing to lay down our lives for one another. I thought about how much the Lord loves us and how even in our darkest hours He comes along and is with us.

I have grown in Him because of some of the movies I have watched, and I have grown in Him because I have skipped the ones He has had me not watch. God gave us emotions and its a good thing to feel things when under His authority. A beautiful sunset, a blossoming flower, a song sung sweetly unto Him, or a narrative in a story or movie can all cause us to feel and reflect on Him if our focus is on Him.


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 Re: The Christian and the Theater

As our dear brother Leonard Ravenhill would say: Entertainment is the world's substitute for joy. I would agree with this whole-heartedly.

For 25 years before I was saved I was consumed with theater, plays, novels and concerts and considered this to be the highest form of joy in my life.

At age 25 I despaired of life. None of this entertainment and amusement had succeeded in changing my life or giving me reason to live. I cried out to God and shook my fist at him. DO YOU EXIST?????? If you do not exist there is no reason for me to go on in this futile world.

Then and there Jesus Christ revealed himself to me and I knew He was real. I opened an unused Bible to John 14..."Let not your heart be troubled...." and I never stopped believing or reading or knowing that our God is real and His ways are not our ways. Period.

I wasted so much of my life in a virtual unreality. Why would I ever want to go back? And yet over the years I have gone back and was sucked into worldly unreality. This struggle with the flesh has been unprecedented, but every time I walk away from the world and its pleasures, God gives me immeasurably more than I can imagine.

I would just exhort all here that God is certainly in the story-telling business, but His ways do not mesh with man's ways who is under the influence of Satan and his dominion. Only you can discern these things with the mind of Christ.

A fellow saint,
L. Manto

 2014/1/10 11:32

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 Re: The Menace of the Religious Movie

For those who may be interested, sermonindex has made available for download, A.W. Tozer on the subject of religious movies. Click the following link -

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L. Manto, thank-you for sharing your testimony. In essence, I can relate: the closer my walk with the LORD the less desire I have for novels...even historical novels. I love a true story that details how God worked in the lives of people.

On the practical level, there is too much stress, conflict to deal with in real life why would I want to let it entertain me when I am relaxing? It no longer entertains but contributes to more stress. SIGH And I used to enjoy it ...

The longer I walk with the LORD the more interesting, exciting the WORD becomes. I am reading Zechariah now - hey! this books' drama far exceeds any movie you may see because it has the added component of being TRUE! God is a very fascinating God and on top of it He loves me! WOW!


Sandra Miller

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