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 Learn Secrets from the Persecuted Underground Church in China in a New Book

Is Persecution Coming to North America? A New Book says “Yes.” Over 100 contributors to a free kindle ebook and paperback bring something unique for Christians to read.

ABBOTSFORD, BC, This new book published is not a conventional book that you see on the top selling charts of new releases. The book, Principles for the Gathering of Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ (ISBN-13: 978-1489557315) has ranked in the top 10 most downloaded Christian Kindle books on Amazon. Another interesting thing that has made this volume special is that there have been over 100 contributors to it from different evangelical believers in North America.

With over 60 principles shared from the underground Church in the book of Acts and also modern underground Churches in China, Iran and North Korea. This volume is an important tool for evangelical christians to help prepare for future persecution of any type.

A quote by Richard Wurmbrand shares perhaps part of the problem of Western Christianity in that we live very self-centered lives free from suffering and pain: "I have found truly jubilant Christians only in the Bible, in the Underground Church and in prison." The underground church in China is full of joy and peace even though they are under great suffering. But they are happy because they are sharing the Gospel with everyone in China. Yet we in America can hold the Gospel to ourselves and never speak when it makes us uncomfortable or makes someone upset.

Many ministry leaders have resounded to the need and importance of this new book, here are two responses:

John Robb, Chairman of International Prayer Council, says ”Principles for the Gathering of Believers is a compilation of pristine principles that are derived from the Scriptures as well as the experience of underground movements of believers in other lands. It suggests ways in which the Church needs to function to enable the full expression of Christ the Head through His diverse and interdependent Body. By observing these important principles in our worship and other gatherings, we can see a return to genuine, New Testament Christianity that is more relational than religious and will be used of the Lord to bring His transformation to the communities and nations in which we live.”

Steve Gallagher, Founder of Pure Life Ministries, was equally as impressed. He adds, “The Underground Church is a vague concept to American believers–typically the fodder for Christian movies meant to entertain. But storm clouds are gathering and the religious freedom the Church has enjoyed in the West has been squandered and is now slipping through our fingers–one infringement at a time. For once, the Christian body has received the solution before the problem has arisen and overcome it. This book offers exactly what its title promises: “Principles for the Gathering of Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ.” It is a charter for house churches forced to find their way during a time of hot persecution. This comprehensive volume covers all the essentials to maintaining spiritual vitality in the face of tyranny.”

The principles book can be downloaded freely in all major eBook formats as well as being available in paperback format:

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