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To be a living martyr is not just to die for Christ but to die now to ambition and desires of the flesh and do the will of God now even though it means suffering.

It is very true brother. I have been reading the testimony of William Carey, the man who translated Bible in many local Indian languages, he was persecuted not just by local hindus but also by his own English men in India. He lost his children, his wife became mentally retarded, still he continued his work in India. Today we have Bible in all our local Indian languages because of his efforts.

God spoke to him through Hebrews 13:13 asking him whether he is willing to take the reproach of Jesus and come out of the camp. He responded saying he is willing to suffer for Jesus name, he is willing to go to which ever part of the world the Lord wanted him to go. From that time God started preparing him from his work, and finally the call to India came. So to summarize it is the conscious decision to suffer for the name of Jesus that makes someone useful to God.


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If you are not dying daily and living the crucified life then you will not die physically for Jesus.

Rom 8:36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

If we are serving sin then it does not matter how much we talk about martyrdom, as it will end up being only talk.

Rom 6:5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:
Rom 6:6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, THAT HENCEFORTH WE SHOULD NOT SERVE SIN.

 2014/1/6 7:34

 Re: The Call to be Martyred

as the Lord calls me, I appreciate your heart brother Blaine, brother Greg, brother Frank and all you posted on this thread....I see visions written of death camps in American, of us maintaining a "bold witness for Christ", of preparing to "die" for Him....but where do we live NOW?

think for a second, with the Mind of Christ, where we make abode right America.

What is the state of the 'church' in America? how have a great many of our "luminaries" in the 'church' profaned Messiah?....they speak of fornicators and homosexuals with great flourish....and yet how many high profile hypocrites are exposed?....they speak of our "Judeo-Christian" foundations, as a sort litmus test to this idol called "patriotism", yet they what they really do is carry the water, for those who grease the wheels of a vast machine of military might and conquest that only exists to go the very areas some of you speak, NOT to preach Good News of Messiah Jesus, but to subjugate and make submit, other weaker nations, so they can TAKE their wealth, their gold.....and MOST importantly THEIR OIL....because this "oil" is what has made the merchants of the earth RICH.

these idolaters USE the "church" and these leading luminaries to sell the concept of "American exceptionalism"......they call themselves "Christian reconstructionist's"...or "dominionists"...they WANT a devilish form of theocracy, so that they rob and steal and subjugate on A GLOBAL BASIS....all the while using the Name of Messiah as their "covering"....

THIS is the spirit of Babylon!....and what is in the CUP of the Whore of Babylon?...its oil!!! the ROOT of every one of these countless hellish brushwars all over the globe these merchants seeking HYDROCARBONS

are there any "accidents" in God?! that is why a VAST amount of this filth they so desperately desire lays under the lands of the sons of Ishmael.

I know I speak of worldly things, BUT these are the shadow of a vast cosmic battle between the Light and the dark. God is Light and in Him, there is no darkness.

there is nothing worse in His Eyes, than a hypocrite and a liar, and we have become a nation of hypocrites.....why is it just now, post 2008, that suddenly more of the Body has woken up, and seen JUST WHAT we have become? it because we've "elected" a president that many regard as a "muslim", or a "communist", or a "liberal"?

where were the voices in 2003, when we invaded Iraq?....even TODAY, we're NOT certain if 9/11 WAS AS ADVERTISED! I speak truth....and today, our legions are spread in COUNTLESS nations, subjugating and subverting...murdering innocents, women and it any wonder, the people there....might just regard "missionaries" with a jaundiced eye" was it not Brother Andrew himself that prophesied, "if America invades Iraq, it will be close to impossible to preach the Word in the 10/40 window?....he SAID that...he warned us.

yet it seems to me, what invokes the main ire of some of the saints here, are homosexual marriages, the homosexual "agenda"...or homosexuals being ordained in these apostate "churches"...of course that's hideous and just filth...its the tip of the iceberg, its the canary in the coal mine....its an easy target...what are they REALLY going to do to you, you think an army of queer activists is going to come at night, gunned up and rip you out of your house for the death camps?

its the legions of Babylon who will...and woe, if they decide to dress Jesus in the American flag, construct a whore similar to the whore of rome and make some foul abomination called the "church of America", send forth "clergy response teams" to misuse Romans 13...and TELL YOU ...."SUBMIT!!!"

When I was pondering and praying to write this post, my soul took me to 705 BC, when that filth mob of assyrians surrounded Jerusalem, sent forth their emissaries to speak IN HEBREW, to demoralize the King Hezekiah's men on the walls....demanding they surrender and come out...."and yes, we'll spare your lives" (i'm paraphrasing...its one of favorite passages out of the Bible)

those men weren't demoralized....they KNEW possibly they could DIE, but they kept their position on the wall, and swords, and bows at the ready...this threat was conveyed to that good and Godly king Hezekiah, who spread it out before himself, humbled himself before God, and prayed....and who else was there to hear the Word of the LORD...the prophet Isaiah, who then told Hezekiah, the Word of the LORD, which that was He, Lord God of Hosts, was going to fight this battle....and God Almighty DID!

He blew that rabble and filth RIGHT BACK TO Nineveh

this to me, is a model for today, a Godly King, a Godly prophet, in fact the Prince of Prophets, who FORESAW Messiah...and the LORD Himself, Yahweh.

oh yes! amen....DIE TO SELF brethren!!!....but you stand on that wall like men! and have NOTHING to do with Babylon...its filthy anti-Christ provisions, and lies and hypocrisies....back slidden "denominations", 10 shekel and a shirt preachers, and all the other lies that tail along with that like afoul odor.

because its almost too late....i'm not sure...MAYBE, oh please Lord, we get one LAST "Josiah" revival.....but my heart tells me Judgment is coming and we get crushed, burned battered and broken.

I love you all in Jesus' love, and may His Grace, His Peace, His Mercy follow you all the days of your life, neil

 2014/1/6 7:43

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What does it look like in daily life? Can you be like Moses who spent his most fruitful years as nothing, hidden? It is worthwhile to look at people who have lived like Moses today. We often miss the reality of what God put His servants through seeing only one tiny aspect. I bet if you were faced with the prospect of being sent to prison you would be up in arms. You'd call a lawyer to demand justice. You'd mull in anger against God by blaming the hands He used instead of waiting in quietness. What if you were sentenced to death and truly only had God as your comforter? No wife or friends. No food, no heat, no books. Do you know God like that?

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 Re: Jeremy


Do you know God like that?

were you asking that of me? regards to my post?

 2014/1/6 8:08

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 Re: HW

Not specifically. You posted while I was writing. I know when I saw the piece about the Old Believer that part of me sided with the folks who shot the piece. I had the sense of wasted time, forty years? Alone? Almost no outside contact? Yet, with "A Call to the Churches of America," I rejoiced when they were lead out. Art Katz talks about some of the places of refuge in desolate emptiness that God is preparing. The zeal and excitement of relying fully on God — out there… It is out there. When God sifts, He sifts. Have you considered what sifting the Church like He did the people of Israel will look like? Seriously, no sensationalized version but, you, tired, hungry, fleeing beyond your strength and ability. Disoriented, on edge, emotionally sapped. People injured, sick, sullen. Will the River flow then?

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Isn't the key in this that we have already died with Christ and been raised with him.
For you died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God
If anyone be in Christ he is a new creation
Consider yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus
I have been crucified with Christ and no longer live but Christ lives in me

Andrew Wales

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 Re: The Objective Work of Christ Must Become Subjective

The key is for the objective work of Christ to become subjective.

By: James M. Campbell

The ground of salvation is in the historical Christ. His death for human sin is an accomplished fact, an objective reality, standing out on the canvas of history. In gospel preaching the objective side of things must be explained, for it is from the objective truth that the subjective experience comes.

If the outward revelation is discarded, inward experience withers and dies. Bushnell frankly admits that "any strictly subjective style of religion is vicious. It is moral self-culture, in fact, and not religion." Those who, like Origen, have tried to rise to a position in which they would become independent of the outward revelation, have in kicking away the ladder by which they have risen cut themselves off from connection with the solid facts upon which all experience must ultimately rest. The Christian grows in grace by growing in the knowledge of His Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He gathers strength by transmuting objective knowledge into subjective power.

Before the Atonement can attain its end, the objective gospel must produce certain subjective effects, and its historical facts become spiritual forces. The work which Christ has done for us must have as its counterpart a work that He does in us. His death for sin must become our death to sin. The life which He gave must be received; repose in what He has done must be connected with co-operation in what He is doing; the acceptance of His deliverance must be accompanied by the possession of His spirit. All that He did must be actualised in us.

Not the least service which the Protestant mystics have rendered to Christian truth, is the emphasis which they have put upon the subjective side of religion; although they have not always been careful to maintain the balance of truth by showing the relation which exists between objective fact and subjective experience.

"That man is no Christian," says Jacob Boehme, "who doth merely comfort himself with the suffering, death and satisfaction of Christ, and doth impute it to himself as a gift or favour, remaining himself still a wild beast and unregenerate. If this said sacrifice is to avail for me, it must be wrought in me."

To the same effect are the words of William Law, "Christ given for us is neither more nor less than Christ given unto us. He is in no other sense our full, perfect, and sufficient Atonement than as His nature and spirit are born and formed in us."

The Reformers sometimes went to the opposite extreme from the mystics, and unduly emphasised the objective side of things. In their zeal for the doctrine of justification by faith they did not develop in its fulness the doctrine of sanctification. One of the tasks which they have left the Christian teachers of today is to round out the conception of salvation, by showing the necessary and intimate relation between the objective and subjective elements in the Atonement of Christ; so that to the declaration of faith "Christ died for me," shall be joined the declaration of experience, "Christ liveth in me."

From: The Heart of the Gospel: A Popular Exposition of the Doctrine of the Atonement. Fleming H. Revell Co. 1907. Pgs 165-168.

 2014/1/7 8:41

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