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Discussion Forum : General Topics : And where is the Outrage???????

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 And where is the Outrage???????

When a major company started by a Christian comes under attack by the LBGT their is outrage and furor from the church. The saints rush out to buy a chicken sandwich to show their support for this company.

When a TV celebrity who professes to be a Bible tbumper comes under attack by the LBGT for comments he made regarding the gay lifestyle. Declaring it to be sin. There is outrage from the church. And a cable channel gets flooded with righteous indignant calls declaring support for said personality.

When there is an attack on a Kenyan shopping mall or a Pakistani church there is a deafening silence from the church. When there is a wholesale slaughter of Christian saints across the globe there is s deafening silence from the church. We hear the likes of Prince Charles or Vladimer Putin speak out against Christian persecution. Even if it is for grandstanding. They are saying something. The American church is saying nothing.

During WWII a story came out of Germany. There was a Lutheran church located near some railroad tracks. The death trains that carried the Jews to extermination passed by the church on those tracks. Whenever the trains passed by the Jews in the cattle cars cried out to tbose inside the church for help. Those inside the church would sing louder to drown out the Jewish pleas for help.

Does our silence drown out the cries of the persecuted for our prayers? To be remembered? I ask again. Where is the outrage for our persecuted brethren.

Blaine Scogin
Persecution Watch.

 2014/1/2 11:59

Joined: 2011/1/12
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Lakeland FL

 Re: And where is the Outrage???????

Post has me lost. Examples are given of people and the outrage they demonstrate when there is Christian persecution of some kind and then it end by asking ' Does our silence drown out the cries of the persecuted to our prayers?' and ' where is the outrage for our persecuted brethren?' Now, what did I miss in translation here?


 2014/1/2 13:15Profile


Only that we are selective in the persecution we speak out for. When the well known Christian celebs are under attack there is outrage from the American church. But when unknown defenseless saints are killed in a church bombing in Pakistan or Iraq. It is yawn.

Now for my favorite Christian chicken sandwhich as I watch my favorite Christian reality show on a certain cable channel.


 2014/1/2 13:37


Are we supposed to walk in "outrage" all the time? You could do that everyday in this world. Outrage can harden your heart against your very own brethren who are not as "outraged" as you. Are we now vying for who can be outraged the most?

Should we not walk in righteousness, peace and joy, instead?

We know the world is anti-Christ? Why the outrage about it?

I think constantly being in outrage will affect your spirit and your walk of peace.

Jesus was moved with indignation and I think we can be moved with indignation, too. But, Jesus did not walk in indignation. It was a momentary attitude not a daily walk.

Today, too many Christians are walking in some form of outrage.

I have read most all of Richard Wurmbrand's books and "outrage" does not characterize him and neither does it characterize the Lord Jesus. Why should it characterize us?

 2014/1/2 15:30

 Re: Just-in

Brother I am simply saying the American church is more concerned over her celebreties who cone under attack than over those who spill their blood for Christ in foreign nations.

The silence of Thw American church over the slaughter of brethren in foreign nations is similarr to the silence of the German church over the slaughter of the Jews.

My thoughts.


 2014/1/2 17:07

Joined: 2011/1/12
Posts: 1355
Lakeland FL


What practical things do you think the American church should be doing for awareness that isn't being done now?
Many on this board believe the American church is asleep so if I follow that reasoning then we should be grateful that any awareness and action is done from raised voices in the American church.

In other countries I am going to guess that the Christians there probably are simply praying for the persecuted because their government has more pressing issues. Yet in the middle of it all, how much tunnel vision should be have in being an activist for it while maintaining our own hearts in God especially if circumstances get worse and worse. Does this make sense?

i.e. I had a post a while back about North Korea. What government can do anything about the persecuted Christians there? And yet I read stories in which the Christians there are praying for everyone else. How that is possible it beyond me especially seeing that NK kills Christians.


 2014/1/2 17:40Profile


Hi Bear,

I think there are better ways to raise awareness of the Church than to constantly chastise and denigrate them.

Just some humble food for thought, bro.

 2014/1/2 23:09

Joined: 2009/1/11
Posts: 77


Hey Blaine,
Paul said,"remember those in prison as if you were in prison yourself".
I think what your getting at is that we should be praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters.
Brother I (and the Lord as well I reckon) say a hearty "amen!" to that.
I (by the Lord's encouragement) meet regularly with some other brothers to pray and occasionally we pray for our brother's in Nth Korea, China etc.

Andrew Wales

 2014/1/3 10:42Profile


Voice of the Martyrs has a very good program in place for raising awareness of the Church. They have been using this program for years and you can volunteer in your area to be a representative which goes into churches to speak and raise awareness. This is an ambassador position for VOM and I have spoken to VOM before and don't think the position includes chastising the Church for their other activities or comparing their other activities as less important than praying for or giving to persecuted brethren.

 2014/1/3 12:04

Joined: 2006/6/28
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Dallas, Texas


The problem is that we are classifying the contemporary conservative right-wing moral climate of America as the "church" simply because they hold in profession to ecumenical Christo-Judean tenets. When these voices take a stand against things like homosexual opposition to organizations like Chick-fil-A and Duck Dynasty, a caricature is drawn in which the whole movement is seen as Christian, and then we expect these "voices" to play the same uncompromising Christian role in other areas. When they do not meet our expectations (like group-praying for Korean prisoners or giving x-amount of dollars to "xyz" ministries) we express our consternation at the whole system and end up castigating the real church, which has been praying and giving all along - in secret - just as Jesus taught. The argument in this thread therefore is flawed on two fronts, but I do understand the point and can commiserate with Blaine's heartache.

But I am not fooled. There is real and there is whitewash. We must not confuse the two and impose anger upon a blindman for failing to distinguish the rainbow. The flow is going in a natural direction with the current of the conservative moral standard (that is, as long as it doesn't too inconvenience their wallets or time or touch their families personally). We must never confuse the American moral right-wing as born-again children of God. Some may be; but the vast majority are not, and this I can assure you from their unrepentant fruit. And for those who are born-again children of God, we must take equal care as well in not putting them on guilt trips to perform externally, whether it be time-calculation in terms of prayer, or money-calculation in terms of giving for we have no knowledge of another Christian's secret dealings of prayer and giving to God.

Paul Frederick West

 2014/1/3 12:36Profile

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