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 the costs of war

For those interested. See the link


 2005/3/31 16:12

 Re: the costs of war

Anyone who wants to know what these folks stand for... check out this first... and then you understand the motivation behind the propoganda...

I find it interesting that they stand for "democracy, justice, human rights, and diversity", yet they would deny those very things to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

They also stood for in the past: "IPS played key roles in the Civil Rights [i][b](I commend them for that)[/b][/i] and anti-war movements in the 1960s [i][b](i.e. hippies... which has had devastating effects on American society... it wasnt just an anti-war movement, it was an anti-authority, anti-God movement)[/b][/i], the women’s [i][b](which brought us abortion, and the break down of the family)[/b][/i] and environmental movements [i][b](which has been one lie after another about the environment... I am for conservation, not evironmental whacko-ism)[/b][/i] in the 1970s, the anti-apartheid [i][b](again, I applaud them for this)[/b][/i] and anti-intervention [i][b](not sure what that is)[/b][/i] movements in the 1980s, and the fair trade and environmental justice movements today [i][b](which have been based on lies and account for millions in our country that are unemplyed today)[/b][/i].

This group has an agenda even tho they claim they dont: "[b]The Institute for Policy Studies does not, as an organization, take positions on any issue[/b]. In accordance with IPS bylaws, individual staff of the organization have independence to express their personal views, as long as they are in keeping with IPS’s core values of promoting peace, justice, democracy, and the environment."

In other words... we are open to any and all ideas... so long as they agree with ours.

Wanna see how open they are? Go to one of their meetings and read from the Bible... see how far you get.

This is not a credible organization, and therefore any reports, such as the one linked in this thread is not credible.

By the way... I'm not upset that Bubba started this thread. I think it's great to have dissenting views. Thats what America is founded on.


 2005/3/31 16:41



Are you saying that they falsified information?

Yes, of course, they are an NGO and not a religiously based organization. By the way a fellow staff member of mine Dan Smith (a retired colonel who was General Swartzcoff's (sp?) personal aid during the Gulf war) writes for Foreign Policy in Focus, the publication that produced this. He's a west point grad (6th in the same class as General Wesley Clark) with 25 years in the Army.

If this organization was slanting its information the way you imply, Dan would never be writing for them. He is as straight up as they come and is in no way a pacifist. He joined our organization (formerly employed by the Center for Defense Information) out of disgust at the way the Bush administration was using the military for policial purposes.


 2005/3/31 17:05

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For those interested. See the link

I would ask bubbaguy that you start conversations that are towards Scripture, Sermons (found on this site) and Praying for revival. Really there is not much tolaration for the majority of conversations that go away from this main perogrative of the site.

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 2005/3/31 17:31Profile

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