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 Open-air preaching trip to Oklahoma



So today was the first day preaching on the Oklahoma State Unniversity. It was great!!! We started early in the morning preaching as people were heading to class. They have been hardened to open air preaching because they have had quite a few of them, some not so very good ones I hear. So the only crowds we got the first time around were Christians. But during this time a brother who has been witnessing one-on-one for years stood up and preached open-air for the very first time!

But then the next class change came and we decided to give out money. Bomar went and had a nice crowd and went through it all. Then I stood up and gave out some more money and got a new crowd which ended up staying and listening for roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes. We gave out money, did the good test, and then just preached. It was great because we got the crowd during the class change, some went to class, came out, and we were still there preaching with a crowd. There were all sorts of questions they asked. They all stayed calm and I did my best to answer their questions and objections. Some of them never really heard this before and others left thinking on things they never thought of before.

Can't wait for more preaching tommorow!! As the week goes on, I am told we will get even bigger crowds. I'll be posting updates. Thank you guys for your prayers!!

ps. I met the guy putting on the "Jesus Week" here and he said he would like me to speak at one of the sessions. Please pray for that.


Well, today we went back out on campus. After a prayer and worship meeting we started preaching. Brian started it off. After giving out money and going through the good test he kept preaching. He preached for about an hour and a half, going back and forth answering questions. It was wonderful.

Then I tried to gather a crowd and absolutely couldn't. People would take the money and then keep walking. I ended up going through all my money and not even having a crowd. So I just straight up preached and that got some people to stop and listen, but they didn't form a crowd and wouldn't stay more then 5 minutes. But thousands of students have heard the gospel as they have walked by. I am also told that people could hear me from pretty far away. It all echoes off the buildings and travels pretty far.

We had another guy preach open-air for the very first time ever. He stood up and read out of the bible and said a few things. It was great to see him up there.

I look forward to going back out there again tommorow.


Well, today we tried open-air preaching again. About 5 or so people would stop and listen for a bit. Once a few people would stop I would start asking them questions like if they believe in what I am saying and tried to get a dialog going. But it just didn't seemed like the open-air was going to work today so we switched tactics and started one-on-one and tracts.

About two hundred unsaved people, unsaved for the most part, all took tracts and said very nicely "thank you very much". One guy I gave a tract to said "you know, your really offending people by doing this!! I'm a leader for ______ and am a Christian and I think your really not doing a good thing. You need to be more relational." etc etc. It seemed to be that out of maybe two hundred people who took tracts, he was the only one offended!! I tried to reason with him but he refused and wouldn't listen.

Another Christian man came up and told me all the things I did wrong while preaching open-air. I asked him if he ever preached open-air and he said no. After he told me how open-air should be done, I told him I would like to see him up there preaching one day. He told me that he doesn't live it enough to preach to others. I thought it was interesting. It seems that those who always tell you how to preach open-air, are the ones who never actually preach open-air. I say let's look and see how Jesus did it, and follow in the way of the Master.

Both yesturday and today we talked to two students who are open homosexuals. It's a sad reminder as to where we really are morally as a country. One of them said that he goes to a certain church every so often.

Brian gave these "spiritual tours". On this campus you always see large groups walking around with a tour guide walking backwards giving a tour of the campus. Well brian would wait at the cross walk, wait for everyone to cross the street, jump in front of them and say "Hello my name is Brian, I would like to give you a Spiritual tour of my life...." and the people would listen as he preached the gospel and walked with them as they walked to class. I thought it was funny and clever.

The evangelism classes in the afternoon have been having great turn outs! New people come in every class. There must have been atleast 20 new people or so that have seen the evangelism videos now for the first time. And the prayer and worship services at night in the center of the campus have been great as well. Maybe 30 or more students have come.

Jesus week put on an outreach for the foriegn exchange students. They have a big cook out with tons of free food. Then some of them came to the prayer and worship service. I talked to one from China. When we asked if he was a Christian he said "no not yet, but I am very serious about beliefs." He even started singing and praying during the service. Because of the one food outreach, I really beleive it will impact many of the foriegn exchange students.

So I am about to drive back to Texas now. I am leaving a day early because some things came up that I need to take care of. But it has been a great few days fellowshiping with all these brothers and sisters and preaching the gospel. I pray that God will continue to rise up laborers for Oklahoma!

 2005/3/31 11:12

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