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 Struggling with depression

Hi Saints

Dear brothers and sisters I need your prayers!! I have been struggling with severe depression for a few months!! I thank God that I am not on any medication and I am grateful to Him for sustaining me so far!!

I am under serious attack and have listened to the sermons on here about depression as well as spiritual warfare. Because I am so down and weak I am struggling to encourage others in the faith!! This is something that gave me so much joy in the past spending time discussing things above and I was always encouraged in my spirit!!

I have been having attacks especially when I go to sleep I always dream that I am praying and I see dark spirits in my dreams.I am not sure if this is all linked to the depression. At the moment I do not want to interact with just anyone and am only just maintaining close relationships with a small circle of friends and loved ones! Please do pray for me! I am so weak right now.

Thank you for your prayers



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 Re: Struggling with depression

Lindi, all the servants of God suffer depression. Look at Elijah, Job and countless others. The dark forces of this world want to capitalize on you when you are down. Look at Jesus after 40 days in the Wilderness. And here comes Satan to try to take advantage, knowing he is hungry.

Don't give up praying. Look at the blessing you have in Jesus. He has called you to a good work with great promises. Forget what you see in the world and don't get mesmerized by what you hear and see on TV. Turn the TV News off. It spews out deception after deception for you to bite into. Deception is Satan's tool. Who cares what he's doing. Stop going down his rabbit hole to reveal him. You're not equipped to handle what might come from that

The world we live in is not ours after baptism. You are a citizen of heaven. Come out of politics. Get into the word. We can't take anything with us. we must keep our eyes focused on what God is doing.

The Kingdom is coming. The evil in the world is increasing. You can't do anything about it except continue to pray for the kingdom to come. Soon the earth will spew forth with forces of darkness the likes of which we can never imagine.
But lets go back to the night of the last supper. Jesus knew there would be times when we would have doubts, even turn away from time to time, yet he said he is always with us. The communion continues as you pray, and you're not alone. When your trial comes forth there will be such strength come over you that you will be amazed. You will be able to swing that sword of truth and your enemies will fall back.

The whole armor of God that Paul spoke of, When Christ comes he has his. We should too. We shouldn't be dressed in fear. I know Truth is our anchor. Righteousness is having been justified and knowing it. Swinging the two edge sword, that's another lesson.

Look at Jesus when he swung it against Satan after the 40 days. He canted scripture back to him. That's the secret. David didn't kill Goliath because he was a skilled marksman. he too canted the word of God.Swing that sword at your depression. Rebuke it in the name of Yahushua, the Hebrew name of Jesus.

Rise up from the chair, get some fresh air, go find that place where you can be alone with The Father. Talk heart to heart with him, tell him your fears and worries. He will help you through them.

I realize that I ramble on, but God loves me too. I suffer from doubt sometimes. But Jesus is still there waiting. He's not planning on abandoning you. He knows how to handle us with the fruits of the spirit, long suffering, patience,kindness, gentleness. He loves you Lindi.

James R Barnes

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 Re: Struggling with depression

Hi Lindi,
I used to be depressed before I got saved and also after I got saved it remained which may suprize some.Then one day I just noticed that I dont get depressed anymore.I get dejected,down and sometimes feel really low but that deep darkness no longer exists.God did a work almost without me asking.So I pray God will do the same for you my friend,I pray for a dream of God's peace(of white doves)rather than blackness,God bless you

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 Re: Struggling with depression

I'll be in prayer. May God give you great peace and comfort with joy in His presence. He is always with you, sister.

Ryan Rutan

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 Re: Struggling with depression

My wife and I will be praying for you, Lindi.


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 Re: Struggling with depression

You are not alone, this is quite common with those who love the Lord and want to please him every bit.

David Brainerd, Elijiah and C.H.Spurgeon come to my mind.

Do not try to fight depression itself but surrender all and let Jesus teach you how to fight the good fight.

You have no choice to put up the fight with the devil.

Some day you will be able comfort others exceedingly.

I pray for you.

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 Re: update


Thank you for lifting me up in your prayers!! The Lord is truly hearing your cries. I am starting to feel better! My eyes are on Jesus and I am truly grateful to His everlasting love, grace and mercy!! I thank each and everyone of you brethren who is praying and May God bless you more for your love for His children and continue to unite your spirits in His perfect love!

Still coveting your prayers!! In Jesus Name

Love in Christ


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 Re: Depression

Hi Lindi,

Isaiah gave the solution for depression:

Isaiah 61:3
3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.

I know the answer may seem trite, "...the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. However as I work with the depressed, I have noted a basic characteristic. To everyone and anyone who will listen, they tell their same dismal stories over and over. If there is no one to listen to them, then the same thoughts run through their minds continuously.

If there is any end to this downward spiraling cycle, it is to practice praise, looking for and focusing upon anything and everything that is good and praiseworthy:

Philippians 4:8
8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

It is apt that Isaiah referred to this as a garment. A garment is something we where all day long, every day. The endless review of depressing thoughts is like that, we clothe our minds with the broken record of what is wrong. We need a garment, clothe our mind all day long with uplifting thoughts, praise, thanksgiving.

And I know that the very last thing we want to do when we are depressed is to praise and think positively. But the very fact that it is excessively difficult tells us how efficacious it is.

Remember, too, that David sang to Saul to bring him out of his bouts of deep depression. Get on Youtube and listen to whatever lifts your spirit. Rip a CD with music that takes you to a better place and time.

There are MANY more things that you can do, and they are easy. You can find my email address if you care to write or call. That goes for anyone else who is suffering from this insidious affliction.

Your Father loves you. He is with you.

Robert Sands

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Northern New York

 Re: Struggling with depression

My name is frannie and I am an intercession,
I have learned behind every symptom there is a spirit,
So with that said I claim psalm 118 :17
Lindi will not die but live and declare the name of The Lord,
I loose the spirit of death off of u and bind your mind to joyful things and pray the garment of praise is poured over you and the joy of The Lord, I pray Jesus release spirits of anger in your spirit and in your home and I pray the angels chase these spirits back to where they belong and father cleanse your daughter with your precious blood in Jesus name!

In Christ


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