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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Local USA Police Increasingly Subordinate to Homeland Security Department

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 Local USA Police Increasingly Subordinate to Homeland Security Department

Reports from towns and cities around the country prove that the federal government is determined to abolish the independence of local law enforcement.

Using “grants” and other economic incentives, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is paying police departments to become subordinate outposts of the increasingly militarized federal agency.

The New American has chronicled this dangerous trend for years and we’ve begun to notice the acceleration of the pace of DHS consolidation of control of local police departments and sheriffs offices around the country. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2013/11/25 14:16Profile

 Re: Local USA Police Increasingly Subordinate to Homeland Security Department

i'm glad its you that posted this Greg, as the 'fullness' of whats happening is MUCH deeper than even this article indicates.

after morning devotional reading, the Word....then I read EVERYTHING, and there is stuff, true wickedness in high places, that has nothing to do with the script of "conservative/liberal", "right/left", "dem/repub".....and i'm hesitant to post ANY of it, for several reasons.

I don't want to sow're not, you're just scratching the surface of the TOTALITY of the "Babylonian" behaviors, inherent in what you posted.

that's why I taken my internet profile WAY down, not out of fear, but in the "shrewd as a snake, innocent as a dove" heartset....

I can hear my radio downstairs, blaring the "news" of this new "deal" with Iran....America just sold Israel down the river for oil, meanwhile it readies the forces to step on the people here, when my bro's in Israel HAVE to do what has to be DONE, in Iran....and Americans pay $10 a gallon for gasoline.

I've said enough, much love, n

 2013/11/25 16:12

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 Re: Local USA Police Increasingly Subordinate to Homeland Security Department

I can affirm this report. I am a Corporal with a Sheriff's Office in the southeastern United States. The majority of our equipment belongs to the federal government that we were given through grants. By accepting these grants it gives total control of the equipment and our personnel to operate that equipment in the event that we are called upon. It really started after Hurricane Katrina. The majority of the supplies and equipment we received had to do with lifesaving efforts. Now local departments are threatened every year by the federal government that if we do not comply with their demands, our funds will be cut off. Towards the end of last year I was placed on a committee that oversaw the planning of "disaster" events. This committee was made mandatory by the feds; with the threat again that our county and all of the agency inside of it would lose all funding if we did not participate). We were made to compile complete property and personnel inventories of all of the public safety agencies, all of the city and county road crews, the local hospital, and all of the agricultural equipment dealers. With the agreements that were made, I noted and felt great uneasiness because of the purpose of the committee. All of the public safety, city and county departments already had inventories. Why did the feds want to know? I learned that with this agreement, it gave the federal government under power of the executive branch to take over all of these agencies in the event of an "emergency." In effect, the public safety departments and the hospital would fall under the control and order of the DHS, and the AG equipment and road crews would fall under the control of the Department of Agriculture. It all seemed fishy to me. It may be nothing, but I still feel uneasy about the pressure and control being placed on the states and local governments by the fed. With all of that said, God is in control. Just my thoughts on this story.

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