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 Love correction by Alan Martin

We should LOVE to be corrected! Why is this so important? Proverbs 21:2 - "Every man appears righteous to himself, BUT it is The Lord who fully sets the heart upright." How does the Lord set our hearts fully straight? He does this through the mercy and grace of correction and discipline. That's why it is so important for us not to resent or despise this mercy.

The reason men become fools is that they refuse to receive God's many attempts to make their way straight. The more we refuse and resist His correction, the harder our own hearts become. Wise men love the Lord's correction and are easily trained by instruction, but hard hearts do not receive instruction and God is forced to use stronger means to attempt to turn stubborn hearts from foolish ways. What does God use to discipline fools? He often simply uses passivity! Yes - He simply lets our own choices and decisions run their course without intervening. "The backslider in heart shall be filled with HIS OWN WAYS and HIS OWN WAYS shall punish him."

God's kindness is to actively attempt to turn us from this self harm through loving correction - IF - we receive it by humbling ourselves to His thoughts and rejecting our own ideas. Isaiah beautifully described the man who has learned that God's corrections and discipline are a great kindness to us. "And whom shall I look upon, but only the humble and tranquil and the one TREMBLING at My words."

With this kind of heart, we will love God's correction and give Him sincere thanks for not allowing us to go our own ways. We will not only ask for wisdom and understanding, but we will joyfully submit our own best ideas to His clear instruction - each time we are able to recognize the mercy and grace of His kind intervention.

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