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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : SHHHHHH! Go to sleep; go to sleep; go to sleep O little children!

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 SHHHHHH! Go to sleep; go to sleep; go to sleep O little children!

"You know, I think the devil looks at the Anabaptists like Napoleon looked at China. Napoleon, in the 1800’s, said of China, “SHHHHHH! China is a sleeping giant, let her alone, or she will destroy us all!” I wonder if the devil doesn’t look at the Anabaptists in the same way. The devil watches her. “SHHHHHH! Go to sleep; go to sleep; go to sleep O little children! Let her sleep!” He says, “If she ever wakes up to her heritage, look out, the kingdom of darkness shall be shaken once again!” He keeps lulling them to sleep, generation after generation. How many generations have they been sleeping? “Have your own religion! Wear your clothes! Live your simple life! Bake your pies! Be a tourist attraction, no problem! Sleep on now, mighty giant of Anabaptism, sleep on, sleep on. Don’t wake up and win the world and shake my kingdom again!” says the devil. do we revive it? Can we even do it? That’s a good question! With our present circumstances, our present practices, and our present theology, can we even do it? Our view of suffering is very different than theirs—our view of evangelism is very different than theirs. And our view of materialism is very different from theirs. Can we even do it?.....don’t focus on the movement. Focus on the Christ of the movement. And I feel this is one place where things have gone awry many times. I mean, we have garnished the sepulchers of those early Anabaptist leaders and we have lifted up that movement and we have made it so much more than it is—It’s only one movement where the Spirit of Christ was mightily moving! Don’t focus on the movement! Focus on the Christ of the movement! And yeah, look and see how God worked in the lives of those men and women and say, “God, make us like that through Jesus Christ our Lord!” We must return further than 1525, brothers and sisters. We must return to the early church, and the Acts, and the Christ of the early church" - Denny Kenaston

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