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 The (Gospel) Good News Of Jesus Christ

ALL OF LIFE HAS purpose and design which is from God who created all things.1 Yet mankind chose to reject God’s perfect ways and chose their own way.2 Each of us has gone our own way apart from God’s rule. We have to realize that when we do what we think is right most of the time this is called sin.3 In society there are moral laws that if you break them there is punishment. Most of us were also raised in a way where if we broke our parents’ wishes there was punishment. There are even laws of nature that when we break them there is a sense of punishment. Yet many of us are ignorant of the fact that when we break the laws of God there is even a much greater punishment.4 God spoke all things into existence and has given us life. When we steal, lie, cheat, covet after possessions, have sex outside of marriage, use God’s Name as a swear word, love other things more than God then we are sinning greatly before His eyes.5 The greatness of sin is that the offended party is Perfect. The eternal everlasting God who is perfect is the one we are offending.6 What a great offense this is! Marring and hurting who is Perfect, Blameless and Right is doing the greatest injustice in the world.

Rebellion is something we are born with. Since our mother’s womb, because of the sin of the first human beings on earth, we have inherited inward sin.7 We want it our way and not to submit. Not to parents, authorities or the greatest authority: God. This is the bad news that we have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.8 We have said to God, “We want to usurp Your authority and will not have You rule over us as King.” This is a great evil that mere men such as ourselves would say to God: “No, we hate Your authority to tell us what is right and wrong.”9 This is true in each one of us. Yet, God sent us His only Son into the world to save us from our inward great problem of sin.10 When this perfect Son of God, Jesus Christ, came 2000 years ago mankind as a whole rejected Him, hated Him.11 All said: “Away with this man from the earth!” Mankind mocked Him because He showed them that they were in darkness and their deeds were evil. He told them to repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.12 Jesus Christ preached the Good News that He would die for the sins of the world and be resurrected to show that He gives Eternal Life to those that trust in Him.13 Yet, what did mankind do with this blameless witness from above?

They crucified Him on the cross.14 They spat on Him,15 derided Him,16 accused Him of many things falsely.17 He did only good to men, healed the sick, cast out demons and loved the loveless. He showed grace to the sinful and care for the hurting. When God was loving men the most, men were hating God the most. Christ hung on the tree and became sin for us.18 God poured His righteous anger against our sins towards His only Son. God judged Jesus Christ instead of us while He was suffering on that Cross. He became Sin. The perfect Son of God took on all the black wicked sins of mankind, all of our hidden sins upon Himself. He became despised not only of all men but God Himself.19 He suffered death for you so you would not have to die but have Eternal Life.20 Oh what great news this is that the Son of God resurrected from the dead.21 Thousands witnessed to this fact of the resurrected Son of God who now offers Life to all who would believe!22

By Him once for all He paid the great sin debt that was against you.23 So you can become accepted before God the Father. He now can make you a child of God though faith in Him.24 He paid the great price. Justice has been paid. Repent now of your sins that crucified the Son of God. Turn away from the things that you love which God hates.25 Put your trust in the Son of God. Believe He died for you.26 What Good News this is that you can have all your sins forgiven even now. You can stop living for yourself and start living for Him who died for you.27 He can make you a New Creation.28 It is a wonderful truth that the true Son of God from heaven came to save us. Yet if you reject Him you will still be in your sins.29 All false religions of this earth try to appease God and try to save and justify themselves. Yet the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is that God Himself bent very low to come to this earth as a man to save us Himself.30 What glorious Good News! God shed His blood for your great sins against Him so you can have a New Life in Him now.31



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