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Discussion Forum : General Topics : You want Jesus in His Fullness, you want to be Holy?

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 You want Jesus in His Fullness, you want to be Holy?

I believe that if you are to experience Jesus in His Fullness, you need to understand thoroughly your own need for humility. If we are going to become humble before God, if humility is to become our joy then we can’t think that humility is just a sense of shame for our sin. Sin isn’t what humbles us the most, but grace his goodness causes us to be humble. Who are those who will bow down the lowest at Christ feet? It will be the men and women whom He has led out of their sinfulness and filled with awe at their glorious God as their Creator and Redeemer.

Christians don’t seem to realize that humility is the only root out of which other good character traits can grow. Unfortunately, Christians(including myself)looking for a deeper holiness have not always pursued it with humility. Test your heart to see whether meekness and lowliness are the main ways you are seeking to follow the Lamb of God!

Colin Murray

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 Re: You want Jesus in His Fullness, you want to be Holy?


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