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 The Term “Holiness”

Is this in this life or the life to come? This has been my ever present persistent prayer dear and beloved saints of the Living God:

“When used in a general sense, the word "holiness" includes whatever is connected with Christian life and character. But the term is also used in a more definite sense to describe this work of grace that is distinct from justification –a sort of supplemental conversion, in which there is eliminated from the soul all the sinful elements which do not belong to it; everything antagonistic to the elements of holiness that were implanted in your regeneration. It includes the full cleansing of the soul from the fallen nature, so that your soul becomes pure and free from every sinful tendency. Says Thomas Carlyle: "Holy in the German language -- Heilig -- also means healthy; our English word whole -- all of one piece, without any hole in it -- is the same word. You could not get any better definition of what holy really is than healthy, completely healthy." This health implies harmony of every part with every other part, including complete harmony with God. This definition clearly does not nearly embrace all that we are pointing at with his word. But we will deal with that later when we fully describe the nature of His Rest" (


 2013/11/9 22:08

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 Re: The Term “Holiness”

Heilig is a interesting word.

Heil means salvation ig means strength

Holiness = salvation and strength

Colin Murray

 2013/11/9 23:27Profile

 Re: The Term “Holiness”

Holy Spirit in German is Heilige Geist also meaning as pointed out - Healthy Spirit or Healing Spirit which gives another aspect of what the Spirit does within us when we have been baptised by Jesus into the Holy Spirit, as we are made whole or healed of all the scars and damage that has occured due to our sins and the sins of others so that we are pure and it is as if there never has been sins in us. We are returned to that state which was Gods will for man before the fall.

 2013/11/10 4:17

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