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 Silliness or serious?

I heard this story on the radio and then today I saw the story in print. Would you react the same way? I posted my comments below the article.

What do you think?



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 Re: Silliness or serious?

In the movie Chariots of Fire Eric Little would not run his race on Sunday because he believed Sunday was the Sabbath. While I do not embrace the view Sunday is the Sabbath. I do commend Little for standing for his convictions.

If this young woman felt running with a 666 number would ruin her walk with Christ. Then for her it would be sin. For the scriptures say whatever is not of faith is sin.

I believe the young woman should be commended for standing by her convictions. But some will dismiss it as supersition. Yet if done from a right heart. Gid will honor this young woman as He did Eric Little.

My thoughts.


 2013/11/7 18:27

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 Re: Silliness or serious?

I admire the girl for standing on her convictions.

Reading the comments that follow is enlightening. It is true as one person noted: if the objector would have been a Muslem or a homosexual the officials would have bent over backwards to accommodate her, but if she is a Christian no accommodation is given although they alleged they were ignorant of her reasons for refusing to wear that number. What is tragic also is how too many Christians criticized her for standing for her convictions. In a day of apostasy run rampant it appears that when ever a Christian stands up against popular opinion, even those held by 'Christians' he/she is castigated and looked upon with disfavor.

It is noteworthy that the girls trainer supported her decision saying she could not have been prouder of her had she won the race. The trainer is to be complemented.

I admire the girl. God bless her.


Sandra Miller

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At first I thought perhaps she was being superstitious but then after reading the other replies I realize that it would have been sin for this girl to wear that number if she felt convicted not to. She was standing firm in her faith and for that I give thanks and praise unto the LORD.

It is true the world will always throw insults towards those who stand firm in their love for the LORD but I think she saw the bigger picture here and obeyed what she felt the LORD leading her to do.

God bless

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