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amen just in

 2014/1/6 19:53Profile

Joined: 2011/10/23
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hi deadn ,,i forgot to answer yor last questions

i feel to begine with any time we obey god through new revalation of his comands and his words ,,we notice a closer walk with god begins as a result ,,as well as the fact that in order for that to happen ,we innevitably exacise another faset of faith and trust in gods word and in god as a personal saviour ,,and walk in agreator dimention of faith ,this automaticly increases our closeness with the spirit of faith

and it also propels to more good works like feeding the poorer people on the streets and other place ,,noing that this gives opatunity to heal and witness jesus

an excitment of our spirit bubbles to the suface of our soul ,noing the posablitys that presents them selfs ,and the new wepons in our arsinal

also our ability to medatate on heavenly godliy things increases ,and we become more focased on good things rathr then mundaine,,becasue healing and witnessing becomes more exciting to our spiritual nerves

we seem to belieing in wait to attack the devil or drive out pain ,becasue of the glory god gets and praises that are indused by acting on gods word

as for my wife it bothers me a little that she has been touched by god due to healing maby ten times in two months but doesnt seem to be walking any closer to god

but my mother is scencing god much more now ,,, but that may also be due to me praying on her to recieve baptisim in the spirit

sorry about all my spelling errors ,,the spell check that would come up wile i was typing doesnt seem to be working now

blessings to you all

brother gary

 2014/1/6 20:17Profile

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Lakeland FL


Thanks for your words and explanations. I have had some questions regarding healing and that is due in part to seeing some things in my own sphere that did not come to pass in healing and it made me wonder when God will choose to heal anyone of anything. Often I find a disconnect between people getting healed and their relationship to God getting closer as a result. It is like in the NT when JESUS healed people and they ran away to tell others but never ran back to Him.


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