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 Hebron Fellowship International ( Br.Bakth Singh ) Today's Word

Today's Word :
"Pray like this: Our Father in heaven…" (Matthew 6:9)

Our precious Lord taught His disciples to address the God in heaven as "Father". What a wonderful thought it is! Those who follow Christ, those who trust in Him for salvation can address the Creator of the universe as "Father". This truth gives us a great confidence and courage. We are not ordinary people! All those who are washed in the blood of Jesus are born into God's family and are His children. Jesus is the truth. He doesn't lie about anything. He always tells us the truth. We can trust Him and believe whatever He says. We can and must believe that God in heaven is our own Father.
Firstly the fact that we are the children of God gives us a great security. No evil power can touch us. No power in the universe can harm us. Can anyone dare to go and harm a lion's cub? He is finished the moment the lioness sees what he is doing! How much more we are secure under the care of the almighty God!
Secondly the fact that God is our father gives us a right to approach Him for any help or blessing we may need. Everybody praise to God, but the one who is saved by the grace of Jesus approaches God with absolute confidence which is unknown to the people who are living outside Christ.
All the subjects of the king in a royal court play different kinds of petitions before the king. Everyone is tense! There are fifty percent chances either ways. The king may grant or reject the petition. Then the son of the king, the prince enters the royal court with a petition.
Oh, what a difference in the air and atmosphere! We see the confidence in the face of the prince. The prince is not tense, because he is confident that his father will either grant his petition or reject the petition only to surprise him with something which is much more valuable and enjoyable!
That is our position before the God of the whole universe. How wonderfully the blood of Jesus has changed our status!
That is not all! The fact of our sonship in the family of the God places a tremendous responsibility on our shoulders. We must walk in a worthy manner in this world because we represent God here. Our way of speaking and all our actions must be holy and blameless. We must live with constant consciousness that we are the children of the most perfect Being in the universe. When we behave like the sons of this world we bring insult to our Father. We must live in such a way that the people watching us will glorify our Father because of us.
That is the reason Christ asked us to place this as the first petition before God as we pray - "Our Father! Hallowed be thy name." God's name must be hallowed - that is, it should be recognized as holy because of our lifestyle. May we live as the worthy children of the almighty God!

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