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 George Fox

George Fox

“Walking bare footed through the crowded market at Litchfield, England, this man in the leather suit upraised his hands and voice, shouting, “Woe unto Litchfield, thou bloody city! Woe unto Litchfield!” He feared neither man nor the consequences of his tirade. At first the crowd was amused, then serious, then terrified.

Here was a man with unquenchable zeal. He had “heard a voice”. Beat him they might, cast him into prison they would, mock him as a mad man they laughingly did. But still he proclaimed the message of Christ. Shut out of Churches, George Fox made a stone his pulpit and preached to the crowds in the streets. Taken from the street meeting to the jail, he made the jail a Cathedral to declare the wonderful works of God. Often he was found praising the Lord in a stinking prison cell.” Sodom Had No Bible by Leonard Ravenhill page 136

“He left us an example of fearless, devoted service that alas, but few have ever tried to follow. He saw hell and heaven, God and judgment, with such a clear vision that he was forced to go out in season and out of season to snatch poor sinners from their awful doom. Constantly he appeared just where nobody expected him, blocking the road to hell and pointing the road to heaven—and all because he was completely delivered from all regard for public opinion and utterly impatient of useless routine.” Sodom Had No Bible by Leonard Ravenhill page 138

 2005/3/26 16:51

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