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 Powerful love

The greatest and most powerful and life changing love that we can share is our love for our enemies. This love cannot come from any part of us, it can only come from God. When we can love our enemies, then we can share the love of Christ..........bro Frank

 2013/10/17 23:57

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 Re: Powerful love

amen ,amen ,,brother can i say the second most powerful is our love for the brethren

when we love each other we can grow in Christ to maturity

bro gary

 2013/10/18 6:46Profile


Indeed bro Gary, it is maturity when we can love our enemies. It will not come right away, there is a refining process that is brutal, you will be tested on this. After we have learned to love our enemies, then we can truly love the lost because the love that is required to love our enemies can come from one place only, before the throne. Many things can be replicated and counterfeited but love for our enemies is something so supernatural and obvious to all that it cannot be replicated with any great degree of sophistication. One only has to say the wrong thing and step on the wrong toe and the replication is revealed for what it is. Politics,nationalism, race and theology are the great exposers of those who even try to feign love for their enemies...............bro Frank

 2013/10/18 11:56

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