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 is it how you start or how you finish the race?

how many people came to jesus christ through the preaching of the law?

how many came through another way, knew you needed him, had a spiritual encounter?
looking for something?

is it so much how you come, but how you keep goin?

in short i didnt come to jesus cause i knew i was a sinner, but i knew he was God almighty & real.
after a few years i was always praying for truth what is the gospel, what is that truth, why do people come in 1 door leave another never to be seen again?

a few years back i backslide walked away from God.
i ended up coming back to God in the middle of a street seeing myself as nothing & him as all.

i really think i came then by the law the seeing i was an absoulute worm & dog that i was a sinner against HIM he was all ALL,

so is it so much how you come or how you finish or does God work with both?

does he mind if you come another way & find out truth, the law that your a sinner, why jesus died for you, or do you have to come that way or no way?

why did you come to jesus?
are you in the groups that paris reidhead mentions in the sermon if you agree?


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