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 Easter Poem

When will we go back to what This Sunday is about?
When will we believe in our hearts and never doubt?
That a man named Jesus, yea, much more than a man,
Saved mankind from sin with an outstretched hand.
Laid in the grave for three whole days,
On Resurection morning, got up and walked away.
It’s not about bunnies and ducks, rabbits and chicks
it’s not about fake grass, baskets and pixie sticks.
On this Sunday there are so many that will pull back thier sheets,
anticipating nothing more than a basket and “Peeps”.
The easter bunny has no power o’er sin,
His death could not save 1single man.
He could die but he could never rise.
And not one soul from hell could he save.
It’s not about the bunnies, candys and mashmellow smores,
It’s about my Jesus who is died but is alive ever more.
So think on this today as we tell our neghibors and friends,
It’s a day to honor Jesus and his resurection.
For those who deny that Jesus did raise,
Let us fall on our knees and let us pray.
In our hands our bunnies won’t melt,
but they will all turn to nothing if hell’s flames our felt.


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 Re: Easter Poem

Great peom thanks for sharing. ;-)

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Broken Easter

Apologize for the rain...

Wondering today what will be said.
In a thousand places across the land.
Why so grieved my soul and not be glad?
He is risen! Never so grand!

When masses come to give a nod.
Hoping the service doesn't drag to long.

Pentecost before passover
And the cruelty of the cross
A fear all will be lost ...
The benefits
Without the cost.

Oh Lord Jesus...
Despised and hated
A sentimental song belated?

'[i]Forgive them Father
For they know not what they do[/i]'
No tears I fear
For no greater love than You.

The tomb is empty
The veil is rent
Yet how many will see
How many repent?

It is not well with my soul
Why so downcast?
On this day of celebration
Can't fake my way through
Cast out the outcast
What is this to you?

Raining on the parade
Or weeping for the charade?
Sunday best and Sunday dress
And whitewashed tombs

Dramatized and compromised
And death for sin slighted
Smooth things
Not the countenance
Of Jeremiah

Tomorrow comes
Back to the grind
Another indulgent holiday
Has passed right on by

Oh you cynic
You critic
You whine and complain
Will leave just this refrain

This people draweth nigh unto me
With their mouth,
And honoureth me with their lips;
But their heart is far from me.

Why I grieve to Thee.
Yes, risen indeed.
That they might truly see.

Mike Balog

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 Re: Broken Easter

i have much appreciation for both what Jesus did for me at His birth and death, but my whole joy and fixation on this Sunday of Sundays are these verses ...

[1] And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, had bought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint him.
[2] And very early in the morning the first day of the week, they came unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun.
[3] And they said among themselves, Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulchre?
[4] And when they looked, they saw that the stone was rolled away: for it was very great.
[5] And entering into the sepulchre, they saw a young man sitting on the right side, clothed in a long white garment; and they were affrighted.
[6] And he saith unto them, Be not affrighted: Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is risen; he is not here: behold the place where they laid him.
[7] But go your way, tell his disciples and Peter that he goeth before you into Galilee: there shall ye see him, as he said unto you.

[18] For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit:
[22] Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him.

Because He is risen we are also ... Because He is triumphant we are also ... Now that's a cause for a Holy Ghost celebration!!!

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