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 Spiritual Problems only solved by Spiritual Solutions by brother Mark

Human problems can be solved with human understanding, intelligence and cleverness, I have no argument with that. In fact many non-believes are very good at counseling and helping with human needs. But the problem with the world is not that we merely have human problems, it is that we have a spiritual problem!!!

The world is in darkness, it is spiritually blind and bound up in unbelief and hardened by sin. All the cleverness and well meaning efforts of the church are therefore impotent and useless if we are chiefly employed in the work of trying solve spiritual problems with human solutions!

Nothing can wash away the sins of a human but the blood of the divine Christ! Nothing can cast out devils but the finger (power and authority) of Christ! Nothing can rip the chains of darkness from the souls and minds of men but the power of the Holy Spirit! And nothing can burst open the prison doors of those who are bound up and without hope, but the hand of our Almighty, Victorious, Supreme God who reigns on high!

Oh glory be unto His name this day!

Dear friends, stop looking to man, stop trusting in yourself, but trust only in, rely only on - the almighty and precious Savior, Jesus Christ! In all things give thanks! May we like Paul and Silas and take our eyes off our circumstances and look heavenward!

Submit yourself fully to God and THEN you will be able to resist the devil by praising God! Pray fervently, sing, shout, clap, rejoice and settle it once and for all in your heart that God and God alone is God and there is NONE OTHER!!!


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