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If you’re anything like me, you enjoy and appreciate the power of words. In selecting the foregoing title, I confess that I used my online dictionary. It turns out that the word "immutable" means unchangeable, and the word "inestimable" means impossible to estimate (or quantify). You probably already knew that.

These are strong words and appropriate qualifiers to define some of the attributes and assets of God. I wonder whether these words came to the mind (and mouth) of Elisha's servant in 2 Kings 6:8-17 when his eyes were opened by the Holy Spirit to take in the majestic forces of God's limitless army. It must have been quite a contrast to that of the King of Aram who was bearing down on Elisha’s city of Dothan with intent to kill the prophet, while unknowingly hugely outnumbered by the heavenly host. The King of Aram, you see, believed there was a traitor in the camp because his secret battle plans against the King of Israel were routinely thwarted by the prophesies of Israel's great prophet Elisha.

Interestingly, Elisha only used prophetic words and knowledge to resist Aram's military threats against Israel. He never took up a sword or shield. But there were other, more sinister forces at work as this story unfolds. The King of Aram sent his officers to discover that Elisha was in Dothan, which by morning was surrounded by Aramean soldiers, horses and chariots. To the untrained eye, these would be intimidating, if not horrific, sights and one might come to doubt God's sovereignty at first glance.

For those of us who stand with the Persecuted Church, healing its wounds from the battles with darkness and the forces of the enemy, we pray for those in peril to have the courage to resist retaliation and share Christ – even with their tormentors. We are often witness to the miracle of ultimate grace and the love of Jesus who laid down His life for all of us, including His enemies. He then asked others to lay down their swords and lives for His sake. In this context, we don't often hear about God’s opposing and infinitely victorious forces. Yet we're reminded that Jesus fought and won the ultimate battle, the "war to end all wars," when He took our sin into the depths of hell and defeated death itself for all of eternity.

Elisha knew something by faith that all of us can know today: God's power and presence envelops and shields us from any conceivable enemy -- seen or unseen. His Word is like a two-edged sword that deftly divides darkness from the light, but His Word is also backed up with unimaginable power.

God's invisible, immutable and inestimable armies of light and fire are instantly available at His sovereign command to ensure that every one of His promises and every one of His children will survive while enduring no more than He has equipped us to endure. Thanks be to Him who alone is honoured and glorified as the only true and wise God.

In praise of the King above all kings!

Doug J. McKenzie
Chief Executive Officer
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

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