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 How did Ravenhill finish?

Recently, someone suggested that Leonard Ravenhill had some problems that were questionable. Now noone can say anyhting definite, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything.
Personally I believe this is simply an attempt to discredit the standard he spoke and taught.
Please note, I am not trying to dig up anything, just seeking to clear up a brother's name.

patrick heaviside

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 Re: How did Ravenhill finish?

There is a video on SI here that has an interview with him... gonna need some high speed Internet to watch it doh.

Also I think no one could say how he finished in the very end, except to Say that GOD is faithful to the uttermost.

and dats my 2cents


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I personally know two men who were discipled under Ravenhill....Darren Ely and David Smithers. They spent time with the man, and prayed with him. They both have excellent things to say about him, and quote him often. I doubt there was anythign "questionable".

Remember, Jesus not only promised, but said that we would be blessed when men "say all kinds of evil falsely about you for My name sake" (Luke 6, I believe). I thik "all kinds" is pretty inclusive, thus we should never pay much attention to heresay.

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 Re: ravenhill

His son has some stuff on this site and I believe one of the moderators is a personal friend of the Ravenhill's. I believe he lived out his life with integrity in the sight of God and man.


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 Re: Ravenhill, old link

This may be what was being refered to:

[url=]Ravenhill hanging out with "false prophets"?[/url]

It's an old thread that pretty much covers all this. But I think to get a real closer and more accurate look into the heart of this dear man would be to give this a listen:

[url=]Anahiem Talk on Revival[/url]

It is very near the end of his life I believe and his heart... It just cut's through anything that might be speculated after the fact.

Mike Balog

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