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 Cant come down

I just wanted to share something with my buddies here at SI that God had given me the other day. I have been going through the gospels and the life of Jesus since Nov of last year it has by FAR been the m ost rewarding thing i have ever done in the way of studying.


I was reading the recount of the crucifixion. there where those that walked by and wagged thier heads and mocked my Jesus. they told him to come down and he answered not a word. The scribes, the Pharisees and even the thief on the cross all said the same thing.
The Holy Spirit brought Nehemiah to mind. When Sanballat and Tobis sent for him, they wanted to meet with him, they were afraid for he was building the walls of Jerusalem back. His response echoed in my imindf as i though about the mockers that mocked Jesus.

"I cannot come down, for i have started agreat work for God and i must finish it."

Jesus too had started a great work and he had to see it through to completion, he could not come down. (Yes, I know he laid his life down willing so don't hear what I'm not saying).

So what about the work we are doing? Are we oin the cross daily? Do we come down for lunch at a place we shouldn;t be in or for a movie or for worse?

As Eater approaches let us all remeber we have a work to do--a great work--- and let us resolve to finish it not matter what. no matter who mocks, not matter who says they'll believe if we'll just come down. For to find our lives we must lose them. We mnust crucify and nt come down until it is God that is in control.

Just a thought. God Bless you all this Resurection Sunday! Shalom!


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 Re: Cant come down

Excellent! Thank you for that...the world and even the church are always telling us to get down from the cross (I think one of the speakers on this site said something along those lines...Ravenhill?)...we'll be told we don't need to be on the cross, that God has forgotten us, that we're fanatics...

 2005/3/24 18:10

 Re: Cant come down

"I cannot come down, for I have started a great work for God and I must finish it."

When I read that, I said, "OH WOW". That was fabulous my brother.

Isn't the LORD wonderful how He would show that to His servants, I am grateful that you shared that with us.

Christ truly started a great work and I thank God that He didn't come down.

Karl :eek:

 2005/3/24 18:11

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Kind of off topic, but also on topic this same thing had occured to me last week, that in fact, Jesus probably [b]COULD NOT[/b] have come down from that cross.

It's a matter of Paradox. Up until then Jesus was perfeclty in God's will in all things. Though he had at his disposal legions of angels he could have called at any time...

suppose Christ had decided on the cross that He [b]WOULD[/b] come down. He sends out a call to the angels to come get Him what would have happened?

He would immediately have lost His perfect status as the son of God. The Angels would not have come for Him anymore than they would at my beck and call today.

Not only that but you and I would be marching to hell today with no hope. I'm glad he didn't make the call or even try, but it can be argued that at that point, He didn't really have a choice, anyway.

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