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I have two words for those who really want to scale back and live on less for the benefit of their children... [b]YARD SALES![/b]

1/2 our furniture... yard sales. Almost all of our kids' clothes... yard sales. Toy for toddlers... yard sales.

We'll leave the house at 7am with $50 and come home at lunch with barely enough room in the van for the kids to sit! (I believe Jeff Foxworthy calls people like us "rednecks"... I guess that's us!)

Flea Markets are also good.


Heck, most of [b]my[/b] clothes are from yard sales.

We do spree for new clothes and toys at Christmas for the kids... but we do sneak a few yard sale items under the tree too.

I could write a book about how the Lord has provided for us... absolute miracles. He's always provided us with vehicles at just the right time. He provided us w/ a house. No one really knows the miracles involved except my wife and I.

And He does this if we are obedient and trust Him.

We did spree for a new King-size pillow top mattress for ourselves this Christmas. People... I highly recommend pillow top mattresses!


 2005/3/28 15:22

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what the heck is a pillow top mattress?

 2005/3/28 15:30Profile


what the heck is a pillow top mattress?

On the top of the mattress is an extra layer of "fluffy-ness" ... pillow top. It's nice because you can get a firmer mattress, but still have a softness to it via the top layer.

It takes me about 30 seconds to go to sleep now, and it's very hard to get up in the morning. Best mattress we've ever had.


 2005/3/28 15:38

 Re: God's ways are above our ways

Thank you all for your testimonies. God has ways of blessing us that we never dream of until we walk in obedience and faith. As our dear brother stated, we could also testify of some very unusual provisions God has made for us over the years.
It is my hope, my prayer, and my joy that even one family would read this thread and take the leap of faith for their children and for themselves. Oh Happy Day. God is able, if only we trust it to His care. Amen? Amen and amen.

 2005/3/29 10:28

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