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 A Movement Of Gospel Preaching In China by The Power Of The Spirit

The closing Words of Jesus Christ to His early disciples for their mission of making disciples of the nations has also become the mission of the Church in China.648 Even the newest converts in the underground Church get the immediate burden to tell every one of the great Savior of China and the world. [Every Christian is encouraged to witness daily and do the work of an evangelist.649] Therefore they do not just rely on a special few as missionaries but the entire underground Church of China is a throbbing missionary movement spreading the glorious Gospel of our Lord.

In many countries, we have special times to promote the need for missions and the spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet do we have the same burden for this mission as the early disciples did? May we learn that the entire Church, meaning every one of us, is a missionary called to spread this Good News to everyone in the nations of the world.650

The underground Church in China has flourished and grown under the continual guidance and dynamic leading of the Holy Spirit of God. May God birth a similar movement all over the world apart from any specific denomination or church. May God raise up all in the body of Christ to be active,651 unified652 and growing653 in the Good News of our risen Lord.

In China there is an urgency to share the Good News with others. The thinking is simply that they have received such a wonderful Gospel, so how could they keep silent and not share it with others. You can almost hear the believers saying: “Hurry Up! Hurry Up! Let’s share this Good News with everyone!” It is not surprising therefore that God birthed in the hearts of these simple Chinese rural famers a strategy to share the Gospel to every closed country westward of China. Many young Chinese believers are going out 100% without provision or money but trusting in the Lord so that they could share the Good News with others.

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