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Discussion Forum : General Topics : A little Perspective (no pun intended)

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 A little Perspective (no pun intended)

From the Adrain Rogers Devotional

BIBLE MEDITATION: “I, even I, am the LORD; and beside Me there is no Savior.” Isaiah 43:11

DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: It takes more of God’s power to save a soul through the cross of Jesus, than it does to do any other thing. God had no difficulty creating the universe. The Bible tells us that He spoke and it was so. But, when God wrote salvation’s story, He went to great difficulty. Let me illustrate. What if I held a service and had the power to straighten a cripple’s legs or to bring sight to the blind? The next service would be standing room only. Now, I certainly want God to heal, but let me tell you something else. What if I held a service and a little girl walked down the aisle and professed that God had saved her? That is a greater miracle than opening the eyes of the blind because the Son of God had to hang on a cross in agony and blood to purchase her salvation! Jesus did not come as a great healer or teacher, He came as a Savior.

Adrian Rogers

Mike Balog

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 Re: A little Perspective (no pun intended)

Amen! The greatest miracle that God works is the conversion of the soul.

In Christ
Jeremy Hulsey

Jeremy Hulsey

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 Digging around in the basement

I was going through some ancient posts in the forums and came across this one from Mike. Thought it deserved to be revisited.

(Sure wish I knew the password to my original account)

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

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 Re: Digging around in the basement

I have listened to Adrain Rogers for over 20 years, when he went to be with the Lord something inside of me died also. I have never/ever seen a Pastor in my life time that was so in Love with God and expressed it all the time. That man Loved God and I mean really Love him, and he walked the walk not just talked the talk. I sure have missed him, but I have many of his sermons on my MP3.

Mr. Bill

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Wow! What a find! If this was in the basement, I wonder what's in the attic!

This devotion is so good. Thanks for posting it. Our salvation IS an amazing thing. Not just that Christ died for our sins, but that He lives in us! I cannot fathom...

I praise God for His work through the ministry of Adrian Rogers. He was indeed an awesome servant of the Lord.

Just last night, I printed off the text of Adrian Rogers's "The Blessing of Brokenness" from the Text Sermons here on SI. That is worth a view.

Grace and peace,

 2009/3/23 13:15Profile

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