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 Having No Denominations But Rather Being A Movement of Bible Believing Christians

“They are on fire Christians with a real vital walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. There are no denominations in the rural underground Church. There are no Methodists, Presbyterians or Baptists, or any other.

They are just simply followers of Christ. In the underground Church no one has seminary training.

Their dependence is upon the Holy Spirit to teach them.”

Without a strong institutional and hierarchic structure some of the house Churches rely on the Holy Spirit for 100% guidance. Just like the Holy Spirit gave directions to the early Christians, the house Churches also receive direct instructions from the Holy Spirit.

During the Communist Cultural Revolution Bibles were scarce and difficult to obtain. A house Church prayed and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to give them His Word. There was an elderly deaconess who was over eighty years old. She had totally fasted (abstention from food and water) and prayed for nineteen days. She became filled with the Holy Spirit and would sit in the middle of the house Church. Everyone would sit around her. Through the unction of the Holy Spirit this sister would recite Bible verses loudly and clearly, and every one would write down the words in their books. Every word was the Word of God at the time when there were few Bibles in China. God had anointed a sister with a special charismatic gift of reciting Bible verses.


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