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 Having Absolute Dependence on the Moving Of The Holy Spirit

In The Book of Acts the Church was birthed, led, sustained and grew in the power of the Holy Spirit. For many there is a hesitancy to speak much of depending radically on the moving of the Holy Spirit. Today for many sincere Bible believing Christians this terminology brings to mind many excesses of the worst kind—whether it’s the selfish seeking after the Spirit of God for a feeling, an anointing to enjoy for ourselves, some sort of extravagant healing such as gold in the teeth or other blatant extra-biblical manifestations that grieve the heart of God.

The Devil our enemy always makes a pseudo of the genuine in attempts to deceive some and deter others. Some in these charismatic circles claim the Chinese Church is experiencing the same manifestations, but this is not true.

“The gifts of the Holy Spirit are widely accepted and practiced, in the underground House Churches in China, but certain activities like speaking in tongues and prophesying are not emphasized. What makes the charismatic element unique in China is that it is not disorderly.”

The rural underground Church in China relies upon and even expects that when the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is declared there will be verification at times with great signs and wonders.

This dependence on the Holy Spirit to move, direct, guide and verify the Gospel is Biblical and needed in the Church. It was not unusual for healings to occur in every village that the pioneers of the house Church movement went into when they were driven all across China because of persecution. It must be asked in our lives, how much do we rely and truly depend on the Holy Spirit on a daily basis?


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