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 A Solemn Declaration During the Lord’s Supper: Jesus, Your blood and righteousness. My beauty are...

The Lord’s Supper also always keeps us humble showing that we are great sinners in need of salvation. This truth was shared by one of the early Church Fathers in this way: “The Word of God becomes the Eucharist [Lord’s Supper], which is the body and blood of Christ; so also our bodies, being nourished by it, and deposited in the earth, and suffering decomposition there, shall rise at their appointed time, the Word of God granting them resurrection to the glory of God, even the Father, who freely gives to this mortal immortality, and to this corruptible incorruption, because the strength of God is made perfect in weakness, in order that we may never become puffed up, as if we had life from ourselves, and exalted against God, our minds becoming ungrateful.”

During a powerful time of revival and restoration the Lord was working through believers called Anabaptists. Here is a quote from the year 1527: “The Lord’s Supper shall be held, as often as the brothers are together, thereby proclaiming the death of the Lord, and thereby warning each one to commemorate, how Christ gave His life for us, and shed His blood for us, that we might also be willing to give our body and life for Christ’s sake, which means for the sake of all the brothers.”

In closing, here is a beautiful hymn by the founder of the Moravians, whose movement sent missionaries to the farthest reaches of the globe declaring the bloodied Lamb of God who died:

“Jesus, Your blood and righteousness. My beauty are, my glorious dress; Lord, I believe were sinners more Than sands upon the ocean shore, You have for all a ransom paid, For all a full atonement made.”

May God see fit to raise up such a movement again to bring the Gospel of God to lost perishing souls.


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