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 I Have and I Will by Alan Martin

Have we stopped to ponder what happened after God the Father spoke these words to His troubled Son? "I have both glorified it and I will glorify it again." Jesus' soul was troubled enough by what lay before Him that He was contemplating these thoughts - "save me from this hour!" But He did not say "save me from this hour"; instead, He prayed -" Father, glorify Thy name." That's when the Father said, "I have glorified it and I will glorify it." It's what happened after this that is so amazing.

Within a few days the Father allowed the money thief among the disciples to make 30 more pieces of silver. He allowed those who hated His Son and who were plotting His death to get the break they had been waiting for. He allowed His Son to be set up, arrested, abandoned, falsely accused and wrongly condemned. Then He allowed men to beat His Son to a pulp, spit in His face, rip out His beard, and mock Him as a pathetic Messiah!

The Father allowed all of His own people to reject His Son for a murderer and allowed the last official who could save His Son's life to wash his hands of any responsibility. Then the Father allowed His Son to be forced to carry His own death implement, stripped naked, and nailed to a wooden beam between two common criminals. Six agonizing hours later - it was finished - God had glorified His name and shown the world the most selfless sacrificial love that has ever been and will ever be witnessed.

Yes, God will glorify His name again - and it might just be through allowing us to share in the fellowship of the same sufferings that He allowed His Son to endure. What shall we say the next time we are troubled? If we find grace to say, "Father glorify Thy name", be prepared to let Him do it His way!

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