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 Prayer for healing urgently needed

I and another member of SI have been invited to a friends house (Bryan)to pray for him as he is in the final stages of terminal cancer.

God is challenging us to be willing vessels. We are in an environment where miracles and healings are scarce so we are novices in these matters.

Please pray that God will heal him and that we will be full of faith for God to be able to move. We know it is all God and not us.

If you are used to seeing people healed through your ministry we welcome your advice.

We would especially welcome your prayers for approx 7.00 p.m. UK time on Thursday.


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 Re: Prayer for healing urgently needed

Please pray that God will heal him and that we will be full of faith for God to be able to move. We know it is all God and not us.

Lord Jesus you can heal this man if its in the Fathers will, bring healing and restoration to every part of him, physically, emotionally and spiritually.. in Jesus name.

keep us posted brother.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Prayer for healing urgently needed

You have my prayers and my wife's also. God be with you.


 2005/3/22 20:28

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 Re: Prayer for healing update

Just to let you know that the guy we asked everyone to pray for died yesterday.

What have we learned??

1. We are seeing loads of Christians die from Cancer over recent years. It seems to be sweeping through the churches in the UK. Unless we as Christians learn how to stand with people and see them healed, then this cancer massacre will continue.

2. Preparation is key. It is important to hear from God and do the ground work in prayer before we even go pray for the person.

3. We have learned that we talk about New Testament Christianity yet walk far from the realities of it. Jesus healed and he gave disciples authority to heal but in these days we don't seem to walk in this anointing or authority to heal.

I don't know what is missing in todays Christians/churches. Perhaps you could shed light on it but we all need to be in a place where healing etc is evident otherwise we are not walking in and experiencing the full gospel.

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You are correct. This cancer thing (and many other diseases) is like a plague today, even among the christian people. Church theology and unbelief has almost removed the healing that God promised us from the Assemblies. I have agonized over this very thing for years. But..the theologians and scholars have reassured me that I just don't understand...that surely it is "God's will" that this state of affairs should be in God's House. I don't buy it. Yeshua is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He went about doing good and healing ALL who were oppressed of the devil then, then He should be doing it now. Else He's not the same. I think the church has thrown Him out and replaced Him with a more convenient Jesus who obeys its Theology. The New Jesus doesn't do much healing or delivering people from sin...he actually doesn't do too much at all out of the ordinary churchy ideas. A very impotent fellow this New Jesus.

The Spirit has shown me much of what the problem is through the Scriptures. The church will not hear it. Churches will avoid exposing the problem at all costs. In fact, the problem has been almost enshrined in many ways as "God's will."

"For THIS REASON many are WEAK and SICKLY among you, and many SLEEP (DIE)."

This tells me that it is not the "will of God" for those among the Body of Christ to be weak, sick, and dying, nor should it be the common state. These states are (or should be) an aberration. It is a last resort effort for salvation by the Father.

There is A REASON for the failure. There is also a cure for the failure.

"If we would judge ourselves we should not be judged."

It has to do with the understanding of the Lord's Body. Could the huge proliferation of DIVISION (Denominationalism) have something to do with it? The lack of true Love among the members? The lack of common agreement? 1 Cor. 1:10. Selfishness? Human wisdom masquerading as "theology"? Religious PRIDE? How about church doctrine and practices in continuance of physical types and shadows...denying the fulfillment...making the adherent a "transgressor." Galatians 2:18. How about church practices actually borrowed from idolatrous religions that God hated and for which practices He actually destroyed nations? If one member suffers, do all the rest continue on unscathed? What about ACHAN? Many died at that time who had nothing to do with his "troubling."

This will quickly move into the thread graveyard..but I just wanted to join in agreement with your conclusions and add my cry with yours to the Father of Lights...for restoration of all things....for healing to be restored to His children. It's our food you know. Maybe we're bringing the wrong "food" into the storehouse.

Lord, give us wisdom to judge ourselves before it's too late. Open our eyes!

Steve Lindsey

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 Re: sickness

I don't know the answers to this problem (other than "Jesus") but I too have noticed that cancer is a rampant disease.

I was diagnosed with skin cancer last year. (probably from too much sun exposure) and they have sinced removed it, but still there is the risk of it spreading inside the body and turning up later. By God's grace, I pray that I am healed forever.

But since this incident, I have noticed how everyday I hear about someone else who has cancer, died from cancer. I mean in every family. I just keep thinking "what is going on here?" Why this dramatic increase in cancer and related issues? Why Lord? Is it consequences of sin? Is it lack of faith?


In Christ, Chanin


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