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 Concerning Revival and Awakening

Hi Saints at SI, I recieved this email and thought I would share it with you all for your purusal as the Spirit of God leads you, I have not had time to review it fully so I am not in full agreement with the pdf article attached but I am sure there is alot in it that will be a blessing:

Dear Sermon Index & WRT Books,

Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones, widely acclaimed as one of
Britain?s greatest preachers in the 20th century, put
it this way: ?The concealing, and neglect of certain
truths, and certain aspects of Christian truth, has
always been the chief characteristic of every period
of declension [decline] in the long history of the
Church.? He went on to say, ?No revival has ever been
known in the history of the churches which deny or
ignore certain essential truths. While these truths
are denied, or are neglected, or ignored, we have no
right to expect the blessing of revival.?

Out of concern for true revival and to awaken the
sleeping dead within the Church and to hopefully bring
about a more complete understanding to what genuine
biblical salvation is, I wrote the article ?Do We
Truly Understand What Biblical Salvation Is?? It
could just as well have been entitled ?Biblical
Salvation and the State of the Church?, because of the
warnings I felt compelled to add at the end of the

Already, it has been well received by several people.
One example comes from a staff member of a radio
ministry who wrote me and said, ?Nancy (Leigh DeMoss)
deeply appreciated your article on genuine salvation.
She asked me to express to you that she greatly shares
your burden, and does address this from time to time
on 'Revive Our Hearts' (ministries). She hasn?t at
this time ever done a whole series on it, but plans to
at some point. Would you be willing to give her
permission to possibly quote from your article at some
point, either on the radio or in print?? I gladly
granted her permission. I only wish that there were
more Christians that felt as Nancy does about this

I truly hope that you would be interested in reviewing
this attached article and sincerely considering the
meaning of the message and blessing within its pages.

Humbly in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Terry Johnson


To download the attached salvation file click below:
Do We
Truly Understand What Biblical Salvation Is?? (pdf)

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 Re: Concerning Revival and Awakening

Tripped over this in the travels this morning and, along with Greg, haven't had a chance to fully explore it...yet.

But it did grab my attention as thought's and expressions of late have been drawing back to and getting back towards revival. Something in the chewing of the cud...

Why I am praying for revival?
Because for a blessed change it would be entirely without the creature help even if He choose to use them, just purely God Himself.

In the words of Duncan Campbell;

"[i]When God stepped down...

What was that?
Not of evangelist's, not of special effort, not anything at all organized on the basis of human endeavor. But an awareness of God that gripped the whole community so much so that work stopped.

God was at work.

"Mr. Campbell something wonderful has happened. Revival has broken out."

My dear people do you good folk understand what revival means? Have you a conception of what it means to see God working?
The God of miracles.
Sovereign, supernatural.
Moving in the midst of men and hundreds swept into the Kingdom.
Oh that we might see it, that we might see it.[/i]

[url=]The Revival Hymn (high-quality) [/url]

Mike Balog

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