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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : please not hastily...cities of refuge...did GOD want liberty to kill or keep alive?

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 please not hastily...cities of refuge...did GOD want liberty to kill or keep alive?

So in Deutoronomy 19:21 The LORD said if they people would love, walk mindful of HIS path that HE would allow HIS nation to double the cities of refuge making it easier, ;backed up by sovereign authority, to escape execution for involuntary manslaughter....(avoiding H2O Floating axe heads...or the murderous will of men, & Calv.vs.Armin) HE kills and makes and makes alive...kills children HE sees good in so they can be buried & mourned (Ahijah 1Kings 14:13), yet took the place of Barrabbas...more examples. BUT did The LORD intend to use that liberty to give escape to ignorant people as useful "idiots" to effect the families, nation, world to a greater extent? I say I think so... as a mourner..and a useful idiot myself... the first fresh, missing a lost wife&child, second breaking a persons arm who was prescribed Oxycoton for over 2yrs in 2001 who pulled into my path resulting in a car wreck a decade back w/ deep regret & consequence. (Wealthy Greek national stateside with a $$$ lawyer that pressured the state to throw a book to imprison me w/ no crom history & grant 1/4mil restitution, then my wife and 23mo daughter are killed 11yrs later by foolish ignorance of a "pretend a pastor" & I am bound to bear the wreckage...two years in I think I see GOD's soverieng love...but have been through some deep currents and can't dismiss spiritual vertigo...please wait a day before 2or3 let truth be established.."be hasty in nothing"

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