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 Re: revival?

I am not content to live without revival- so I don't. I have been having my own personal revival for a couple of years now.

I believe that there is a revival going on, it is one here and one there and it is all over the world- yes even in America. When the Lord looks down on it, He sees it as a revival, not just a big group in one or two spots, but a scattering of His people all over the world.

Today's revival begins with personal revival. Things are not going to be the same way they have been in the past. God always has a remnant, a people who He is calling out to to give their all.

Ever read "Escape From Christendom"? This revival we read about at the end, the one in the wilderness, one person who gives living water to another here and there. As one is revived they inturn go and find and help someone else who needs to be revived with living water. And on it goes until the Lord comes to shake down all that is false in christian city.

Anyway, I think it is a mistake to focus on one aspect of our faith- wether it be revival, holiness, repentance... it is Jesus Christ we are to preach, Jesus Christ we are to seek, Jesus Christ is our all in all. Those things are "about" him but they are not HIM.

I WANT HIM, I don't want the things that go along with Him. I don't need power or moves of God. He IS power and if i have Him, He is all I need.

Well, I could go on. But God has His own ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways not our ways.

Neil, what you heard, is also what the Lord has showed me.

He showed me that we are to stop looking for "something else". a new move of God, revival, etc.... and show the world how content and satisfied we are with HIM. That nothing compares to HIM. That He is enough. While the world goes on in discontentment- looking and searching for fullfillment, turning to idolatry, we are His living epistles who can show that HE is all we need, He satisfies and we don't need any idols (any other loves) or anything else.

Just my thoughts :)

In Him, Chanin


 2005/4/8 15:13Profile


"why do you ask for revival?"

Because I am jealous for God's glory!! It breaks my heart to think that we - this impoverished church - are the reward of His suffering.

I want God to be renowned all through the earth! I want His Church to truly honor Him - I want God to get the pleasure He deserves. I have prayed that God would share His heart...and He does in little bits - and I can't take it...I believe God's heart is hurting and when I can I hurt also...but there is still too much flesh.

I believe that there is a revival going on, it is one here and one there and it is all over the world- yes even in America.

I don't believe this is revival. It will be revival when people are swarming into churches...when football stadiums are empty (Praise God!!)...when bars and strip clubs have to close down - that will be true revival.

We are experiencing perhaps a mini revival but I am looking for true supernatural revival...and i know it's coming!!

Today's revival begins with personal revival. Things are not going to be the same way they have been in the past. God always has a remnant, a people who He is calling out to to give their all.

I believe you are right won't be about some famous speaker, but revived individuals all over the place transforming their communities.

God bless you brothers!! See you at 10 PST - thanks Neilgin for Psalm 119 - it was a great time.

Anyone else want to join us at 10 PST?

 2005/4/8 15:34

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Independence, Missouri


I feel the Lord calling us to investigate and search out those precious psalms, and intercede for the lost using these Words.

I have felt this also of late.

How can we live without revival, how can we go day after day with the same [u]prefunctory[/u] "church life"

It is interesting that you would use that word 'prefunctory'. We have a man who is roughly 75 years old who came to our church to speak about 4 months ago. He is the Chaplain at our local county jail. He told us that he had a dream in which the Holy Spirit told him that He was tired of his perfunctory ways. This guy is no flake and is not used to this type of thing. He did not know what the word meant so he typed it in and found the definition. The dream set him on a course for repentance and revival in his personal life. At first he was upset that God would tell him that after serving so many years faithfully. He then came to his senses and agreed with God and God did a major work in his life. He was a changed and revived man. It was an awesome and inspiring testimony.

God Bless,


Robert Wurtz II

 2005/4/8 15:39Profile

 Re: stopped me in my tracks

"prefunctory", I used that word contextually, knowing what it means, but not the precise definition.......check this out, according to Random house websters , its really "perfunctory...p-e-r....we lurn something new's the definition, and its enough to shrivel up one's unction.

[b]performed merely as a routine duty, hasty and superficial[/b]

if that aint enough to give you spiritual joke.

I'm gonna pray this weekend for holy dissatisfaction, and what I mean is this: Ted, the pastor of our assembly is my friend, I'm gonna pray that the Holy Spirit lays me FLAT on my face this Lord's day...and I will lay out in front of the whole congregation....not show offy, or to call attention to myself, but to express how I desire to humble myself in front of God and the assembly....

ENOUGH of this everyday wal-mart, one size fits all church.......its TIME TO REPENT...

its time to get desperate..

Brother Robert, I know one o'clock in the morning is late , but if you wanna start praying at 10 CST...go for it, I'll start at 10 PST......if the Spirit leads you, please....join us....

 2005/4/8 16:12

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 Re: Prefunctory

[size=xx-small]performed merely as a routine duty, hasty and superficial[/size]

This is totally true.
Why I say this? It's the same thing what being impress to us here, in the home group we have is in the same theme, it's only yesterday Friday 08/04. I share about the Colosians 3:start at vs 5
it go on to vs 22 NKJV " Bondservants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh, not with [u]eyeservice[/u],[u]as a men-pleasers[/u], But sincerity of heart, fearing God....

Sharing this verse and giving the simple understanding of it, and many in the churches of today is doing exactly like this kinda of work for God. ... If the Truth reveals to the heart of man that in this category of work they do actually get upset, :-o or scared in some way choise is to REPENT!!!. By sharing this as my heart tells me so, I have been accuse of pointing finger to one particular person, and I'm condemming her as she said. All I did is share the word of God that impress in my heart.
She's actually a decon/usher in the church :-(.

We must realized that God is preparing us for His return it may be years before He actually turn up but as it's said He will come like a thief, it will be a surprice if we are not thoroughly incline with the Holy Spirit we will missed Him, I don't want to get left behind.
It is the waiting time But we must keep the oil lamp fill so the light will keep burning. (Read Matthew 25 The Ten Virgins: BE PERPARED).
Pray that we will not slumber nor sleep.

I am just a housewife and a mother who try to love the Lord with my all, and speaking from my heart, KEEP YOUR LIGHT BURNING and have that extra oil ("annointing?")

May the Love of Christ grow deeper in all of us.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

 2005/4/10 11:58Profile

Joined: 2005/3/29
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People that agreed to prayer at the ordain time.
May we continually commit ourself to the calling and May the Lord bless us with strength to be faithfull in Jesus Name I pray. :-)

 2005/4/14 21:01Profile


in a half an hour, 10 PST I will be on my knees, pounding heaven, caught up in God, and I thank Him for this ministry.

 2005/4/15 0:39

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