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We have all seen people protesting various causes. Most recently it was the DOMA argument at the Supreme Court. Doing these protests fights tend to break out because passions run so deep that the emotions boil over and some people end up getting arrested.

I have noticed that when some Christians get involved, at least those who are captured in video and pictures, they seem to incite violence by either shouting at the protestors and/or holding up signs that seem to incite emotions.

I have never protested anything as far as going into the streets and waving banners and shouting and so forth. Yet I wonder why Christians who do protest and things get out of hand, why they allow themselves to be driven by that emotion? Yes, it is a human trait but doesn't Christian maturity prove it when a Christian can move according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh?

What if a group of Christian protestors befriended a group of homosexual activists in friendship? Even if they were spit on and cussed out. What would happen?

I want to ask the same thing for an abortion rally and yet that is a harder example to set up because police tend to put up barricades. Yet, how should a Christian protestor respond in that situation in order to bridge the gap despite the hostility?

Recently I have had some confrontations on twitter with some radical leftists who seemed to assumed so much about me and my Christian faith. I retorted by asking them asking in regards to their words and found that eventually they become human again. They calmed down and spoke to me in a calmed down tone and one of them says he is married to a Christian. I found this 'change' of attitude to be a step to first base. It was/is my attempt to discharge the feeling among many that Christian are religious haters. If it isn't our we than we hate it and you. It is partly a media hype thing as well.

Has anyone participated in a protest? If so share your experience. Only rally I ever did was a Tea Party rally for 30 minutes. It bored me after 30 minutes but I Saw some crazies come out. I say crazies because some were dressed up to show a part while pushing the name of X radio talk show host of which I just rolled my eyes.

I want to be able to be one of those who reach out with a softer voice against those who have sword tongues and reach into their hearts and have them at least turn their heads to be more gentle and then sow the seeds of the Gospel. I often wonder if that happens when Christian protest and if that seed is becoming weeds or actually growing into a Changed life.



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